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Thursday, March 3, 2022

2 Reasons Why Lunox deserves to be called the Strongest Mage in Mobile Legends

Lunox is one of the mage heroes who is starting to be forgotten in the current Mobile Legends meta game, all because of the nerf that Lunox received some time ago.

Even so, actually Lunox is still worthy of entering even meta domination because Lunox has 2 strong reasons why it deserves to be called the strongest mage hero in Mobile Legends.

Defense Destroyer

The first and most important reason is that Lunox is the only mage that can destroy any thick defense in just seconds.

All of that because the burst damage that Lunox has is so high that it can easily destroy all types of defense in front of it.

Quite Hard to Kill

The last reason is that Lunox is a hero mage that is quite difficult to beat even in a gank state.

All of that because Lunox has an immune skill that can make it unable to accept any form of attack for only a few seconds.

You could say the way it works is almost similar to Nana's passive. Those are 2 strong reasons why Lunox is still worthy of entering the Mobile Legends meta game and is called the strongest mage in MLBB for now.

RRQ R7: Recommendations for the Strongest Gloo Mobile Legends Item Build

Admittedly, one of the strongest Gloo users at this time is R7. Several times we saw that his Gloo was hard to stop and even in the most recent match against BTR, with Faramis on the opposing side his Gloo was unstoppable.

We know that Faramis is one of Gloo's natural counters thanks to his skill 2 which can eliminate Gloo's Goo quickly.

Build Gloo RRQ R7

First there are Tough Boots, which of course are used to reduce the opponent's CC effect. Next is Radiant Armor which of course you can make against heroes with continuous magic damage such as Chang'e, Mathilda and others.

Then there is the Cursed Helmet which is certainly suitable for Gloo who is often a frontliner and takes a lot of damage from opponents.

To fight Assassin heroes or those who do physical damage, you can use Antique Cuirass as an option like R7 did.

In addition to Radiant Armor, you can also use Athena's Shield as an additional magic defense if the enemy has a large amount of damage, besides that you can also get a fairly large additional shield.

For the last item, R7 hasn't been made because the game has finished quickly, but for recommendations you can use Oracle as an additional regen or Immortality if you are in a state of urgency.

That's the recommendation for the strongest Gloo build item from RRQ R7 that you can try. However, because Gloo is a Tank hero, of course the build can vary depending on the opponent you are facing.

Jess No Limit: This Forgotten Mobile Legends Hero Will Be OP

Changes will certainly always occur in Mobile Legends, not least in the upcoming patch which has already been leaked on the advanced server.

One of the Mobile Legends heroes will get a significant change. And according to one content creator, Jess No Limit, this change is very good and makes the hero OP.

This Forgotten Hero in Mobile Legends Will Be OP

The hero is Grock, a Tank hero who is quite forgotten and even unused, this hero is also very low in performance after getting a nerf some time ago.

But the changes that are present in the advanced server make this hero shine in the future. The change is in his passive which will now convert Extra Physical Attack (from items) to 0.5 Physical Defense.

Of course it's very big considering there is a Physical Attack item with high stats, namely Blade of Despair.

With one Blade of Despair Grock can get 80 Physical Defense (conversion of 160 Physical Attack), and that's quite high.

It can be seen that Jess No Limit also uses the Assassin High and Dry emblem and builds full Attack, if it is close to the wall, the Physical Defense can be up to 425.

Of course it's a high value even without the slightest defense item. But this is still not applied to the original server and of course it can be very OP when applied.

Monday, February 28, 2022

RRQ Lemon: This is the Most Effective Counter Ling Hero in Mobile Legends

Even though he had several nerfs, Ling himself is arguably still one of the OP heroes that is quite difficult to beat.

With high mobility and terrible damage, of course, he succeeded in making the hero still respected in the Land of Dawn to this day.

But even though it has enough OP abilities, that doesn't mean the hero can't be defeated.

Until finally, RRQ Lemon gave the best tips, namely the most effective Ling hero counter in Mobile Legends at this time.

Helcurt Overcome Ling

It turns out that the hero RRQ Lemon is referring to is Helcurt, who is one of the assassins who just got a buff.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that Helcurt himself has various skills that can hinder Ling's ability to maximize his skills.

The passive itself does have the ability to give CC effects first in the form of silence to heroes who give Helcurt a CC effect.

This is certainly quite disturbing considering that Ling is also able to give CC effects when he uses his Tempest of Blade.

In addition, he can now easily increase his stinger, which is only by using the skills he has both with skill 1 and ultimate.

When his stinger stack is full, the hero can kill Ling easily using only Helcurt's Deadly Stinger (skill 2).

In fact, the hero's Dark Night Falls (ultimate) is the ultimate which is quite effective in inhibiting Ling's mobility so that the hero will certainly find it difficult to choose where to go.

Therefore, it is not surprising that RRQ Lemon considers the hero a fairly effective counter for Ling at this time in the Land of Dawn.

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Strong Reasons Why Zilong Becomes the Most Popular Hero in Mobile Legends

You should know that this is a strong reason why Zilong is the most popular hero in Mobile Legends based on all ranks.

Since some time ago, Zilong's name has always been at the top as the most popular hero in Mobile Legends based on official data on the Mobile Legends website.

He has a win rate of 3.36% which is the highest of all heroes in Mobile Legends in all ranks and interestingly Zilong has been in this 1st position for a long time.

Which means that this veteran hero has always entered the game meta lately and made him one of the most successful revamp heroes Moonton has ever done.

And here are the strong reasons why Zilong is the most popular hero in Mobile Legends:

Counter Hero Core & Easy Gameplay

Zilong is a counter of core heroes in Mobile Legends, both assassin heroes or all marksman to the counter by Zilong.

He has enormous and deadly damage so that core heroes can be easily killed by Zilong.

In addition, its easy-to-understand gameplay makes Zilong increasingly favored by MLBB players, even beginners.

Because there are rarely heroes with easy but very deadly gameplay. That's a strong reason why Zilong continues to be the most popular hero in MLBB.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

The Best Build for Hero Gusion Mobile Legends in February 2022!

Are you a Mobile Legends player? You must know the right build item for the assassin hero Gusion Mobile Legends in February 2022.

Below we will discuss some build items that are very appropriate if used for hero assassin Gusion starting from Arcane Boots items to Winter Truncheon items we will discuss.

1. Arcane Boots

The first item that is right for Gusion's hero is Arcane Boots which will help the movement of Gusion's hero.

This Arcane Boots item will give +40 Movement SPD and will also give +10 Magical PEN.

2. Clock Of Destiny

The second item used is the Magic item, namely Clock Of Destiny which provides 3 advantages.

The 3 advantages are giving +60 Magic Power, +615 HP and getting +600 Mana.

3. Genius Wand

The third item is a Magic item, namely the Genius Wand which will provide several advantages for Gusion's hero.

Some of the benefits include +75 Magic Power and will also provide +5% Movement SPD.

4. Holy Crystal

The next item is a Holy Crystal item where this item only provides 1 advantage.

But the benefits provided are quite impactful for Gusion's hero, which is to provide +100 Magic Power.

5. Divine Glaive

The fifth item also provides only 1 advantage, namely the Divine Glaive item but this item is quite necessary for Gusion.

The advantage that you can get when buying this Divine Glaive item is to give +65 Magic Power.

6. Winter Truncheon

The last item is a Magic item, namely a Winter Truncheon item that will help Gusion's hero to Freeze.

The advantages that can be obtained apart from being able to Freeze are +69 Magic Power, +25 Physical Defense and +400 HP.

Mobile Legends Redeem Code 19 February 2022

Mobile Legends (ML) players can claim free items or loot using the redeem code 19 February 2022 to get interesting items for free.

By using the redeem code, ML players can get legendary items without making in-game purchases.

Here are some new ML redeem codes 19 February 2022*:

  • il2ki4n3bi228km1p
  • c26pvj2ejdhp22e72
  • v9dy3np45wkx22e74
  • rnddg8uswcx422cvv
  • qjnarmnb757t28b6q
  • 22r9hkp7jg
  • zr5x6je43yus22bks
  • bbybc2zgvnep22cdu
  • ff34h6ma45nk22cb4
  • ck3bcw9rc48622abu
  • 34ws5frwwxhe229dw

The way to exchange the ML redeem code above is also very easy. The following are the steps that players must take to claim the ML redeem code February 19, 2022:

  1. Access the official page https://m.mobilelegends.com/en/codexchange
  2. Enter one of the ML redeem codes above in the Redemption Code box.
  3. Enter the Mobile Legends game user ID along with the verification code in the box provided.
  4. Click Redeem.

If successful, login to your Mobile Legends account and the prize will be sent directly via in-game mail.

Usually, it only takes a matter of minutes to get a free item.

If you fail to claim the ML redeem code February 19, 2022, repeat the method above and try to enter another Mobile Legends redeem code until it works.

If the player has used the ML redeem code with the final letter too often, it may cause a limit to the code access to the account.

In addition, the ML 19 February 2022 redeem code also has a usage time limit, so it is likely that users will not be able to claim it if it has reached the limit. Good luck!

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.08: Change in AFK Compensation, Will Not Lose Stars!

Compensation Changes for AFK Patch 1.5.08 in Mobile Legends, Will Not Lose Stars! Moonton always brings changes in Mobile Legends that provide comfortable playing for its players.

Starting from changes in gameplay with buffs and nerf heroes, to changes in the system in Mobile Legends to become a game that is friendly to play.

On patch 1.5.08, Mobile Legends will have one thing that Mobile Legends players like, especially those who have often met with Away From Keyboard (AFK) players.

In this patch, for draft pick matches, the first defeat due to AFK that occurred on Saturday and Sunday will not cause the player to lose one star, if the player has AFK friends in the same lobby.

In addition, regardless of winning or losing, other team members get various EXP and BP which are given to AFK players without any restrictions as long as the five players are not in the same lobby.

It can be said that the AFK compensation system in this patch is almost the same as the Arena of Valor game. Besides that, there are many more interesting things from this patch.

One of them is the adjustment of matchmaking, where solo players will not meet duo or trio players, so it will be fair for players who like to play solo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Master Roshi Will Become the New Character of Dragon Ball: FighterZ

Do you know Kamesenin aka Master Roshi who is the Grandpa Tortoise character in the Dragon Ball anime? Yep, this teacher from Goku is a funny figure who turns out to have a strong power. If he weren't around, Goku wouldn't be able to learn kamehameha.

Well, this time you can especially play Master Roshi as a new character in their last fighting game, Dragon Ball: FighterZ. Announced directly by Bandai Namco, Master Roshi will be a brand-new character in their third DLC. This new episode is also planned to be released next September.

In the short video that was released, we can see the action of the old man who can still face the dangerous warrior knights. Uniquely, Roshi was added after Dragon Ball: FighterZ released Kefla and Ultra Instinct Goku as his new roster. Of course this is like an interesting surprise for the players.

The entry of Master Roshi makes Dragon Ball: FighterZ now have a choice of up to 41 characters. Since its release in 2016, this game has continued to receive regular updates from the developer. It is interesting to continue to see the new content from Dragon Ball: FighterZ developed by the new studio, Arc System.

In addition to showing anime-style graphics, Dragon Ball: FighterZ is famous for using a classic battle system that still looks charming. The stiff character movements make players have to be able to cut their opponent's punches with precision.

Monday, August 17, 2020

5 Heroes with the Best HP Regen Ability in Mobile Legends

In Mobile Legends, HP regeneration is a vital ability to support defense and survivability. HP regeneration rate is usually influenced by several factors, such as Hero's attributes, skills, or items used.

As a reference in durability, the ability to regenerate HP is usually closely related to Hero Fighter or Tank. This ability can be obtained from a number of items such as Sky Guardian Helmet or Antique Cuirass. However, there are also heroes who have natural HP Regen abilities.

The following are the heroes below who can restore HP without having to attack the enemy

1. Uranus

Uranus gains the ability to regenerate HP through skills - Radiance and Consecration. Radiance is a passive skill that allows Uranus to get a HP regeneration stack every time it receives an attack. Each Radiance stack can regenerate 2-10 HP / sec for 10 seconds.

2. Hilda

Hilda has a fairly good HP regeneration ability. This ability is obtained through a passive skill - Blessing of Wilderness. In this passive skill, Hilda can regenerate 2% HP while in the bush.

This ability is usually relied on by Hilda to fill HP quickly. In addition, Blessing of Wilderness also provides a shield equal to 20% maximum HP for five seconds.

3. X.Borg

Firaga Supplies is a small box that falls when X.Borg attacks an enemy at its highest melting point. Relying on offensive skills, X.Borg can collect Firaga Supplies quickly by attacking minions or forest monsters.

In one Firaga Supplies, X.Borg will instantly get 10% HP lost. In a dying state, X.Borg only needs to collect Firaga Supplies to replenish HP without needing to return to base.[next]

4. Masha

In passive skill - Ancient Strength, Masha will get Lifesteal ability which is very influential to survive in battle. In addition, Masha is also very difficult to lock thanks to a 60% reduction in crowd control effects from enemies.

Masha does have a pretty good durability. Armed with three HP bars, Masha also has a good HP regeneration ability to restore HP very quickly. Masha's HP regeneration ability comes from the skill - Life Recovery.

5. Khaleed

Khaleed has the ability to regenerate high HP thanks to the skill - Quicksand Guard. The second skill can regenerate the 10% HP lost in channeling status. This HP regeneration ability has a very significant effect on the defensive ability of Khaleed. Thanks to the large amount of HP regeneration, Khaleed can restore HP in a relatively short time.

However, please note, as long as the Quicksand Guard is active, the enemy can openly attack Khaleed. Not only that, if there is a crowd control effect on Khaleed, the channeling status will automatically stop. Therefore, Khaleed needed to adjust the position and distance that was safe from enemy attacks.

Friday, August 14, 2020

5 Combo Heroes of Mobile Legends Connected in Lore

Hero choice is an important aspect in MOBA games like Mobile Legends. Players must be able to choose a hero to counter certain heroes in order to dominate the battlefield.

In the Land of Dawn, the heroes in Mobile Legends are said to be connected to one another. Many may not know that these heroes may have weaknesses against their enemies and friends in the lore. By knowing the story, you can have the option to do a combination or counter against certain heroes.

Are you curious about which heroes share stories and can appear strong or even compete among each other? Here's the list

1. Guinevere and Lancelot

2. Khufra & Esmeralda

3. Harley & Lesley

4. Hayabusa & Hanabi

5. Alice & Vexana

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

5 Best Offlaner Heroes for August 2020 in Mobile Legends

Offlaner or Top Lane is a lane that is very difficult to control, this position is usually filled by strong heroes who are able to survive without Buff. For those of you who want to try this Offlaner position, it is highly recommended to use these five heroes, the heroes below are very strong guarding the turret and don't need Buff.

Being an offlaner is the duty of a Fighter hero, or a semi-tank, now, curious? Here are five heroes for you to choose!

1. X-Borg (fighter)

X-Borg has painful damage in the early game, even the Tank hero can be killed easily by this hero, besides that this hero uses energy so it doesn't need Buff, X-Borg has 2 types of bars. When you lose the first HP Bar it can make X-Borg escape all Stun or Crowd Control and the last X-Borg Bar can survive even though it is ganged by the opponent.

Skill-1 X-Borg is the most useful and deadly skill because it can give True Damage to enemies, Crep and Minions. While the second and ultimate skills can be used to lock the opponent's movements and escape. No wonder X-Borg has been named the most fierce and strongest Offlaner hero.

2. Thamuz (fighter)

Not inferior to the X-Borg hero, Thamuz is very strong to become an Offlaner. Thamuz can clean Minions in a very short time, is able to survive when facing opponents and of course this hero does not need Buff. Thamuz is very strong and has a thick HP, especially if he already has Physical Lifesteal Items, this hero is not easy to beat even though he even faces 2 stun heroes.

3. Hilda (fighter semi tank)

Hilda is one of the heroes who is again OP after being completely revamped by Mobile Legends besides the hero Balmond. Even though Hilda is a semi tank but this hero has great damage in the Late Game, the Assassin and Fighter will immediately die if combined with this hero.[next]

4. Yu Zhong (fighter)

Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero who recently released on the original server, even though he is still new, Yu Zhong immediately became the belle of Mobile Legends players. You could say that Yu Zhong is a Fighter hero with the most complete abilities in Mobile Legends.

This hero has 4 skills where skill one will damage the area, skill two gives a stun effect, while skill three not only has a stun effect but also blinks and the last one is the ultimate skill that can turn Yu Zhong into a flying dragon, when flying can have a CC effect, can be used to attack and escape.

Yu Zhong is very suitable for the Offlaner position, this hero also doesn't need Buff because he doesn't use Energy but Rage.

5. Uranus (tank)

It's no secret that Uranus deserves to be called the best Offlaner today, even this hero is often picked up by Pro Player during the Mobile Legends tournament. So what makes Uranus so tempting? First, Uranus is actually a tank hero but has great damage in the Early Game, thanks to skills one and two, Uranus heroes are very fast to clean Minions and kill Crep.

Hero Uranus has a very fast HP Regen, this makes it difficult for the opponent to defeat this Hero and the last is that this hero is very agile thanks to the one skill that makes Uranus able to blink in the desired direction and the ultimate skill that makes Uranus Immune to all Crowd Control.

Natalia Silence Will Be Eliminated, Is It More Useful?

Getting a buff from Moonton is a blessing for the Hero in Mobile Legends. The reason is, when buffed, it is certain that the character will become overpowered. However, disaster will befall the Hero if he is nerfed. The reduced ability will make them no longer a favorite like Natalia, who will be eliminated from the silence effect in the next update.

On Advance Server, Moonton did a pretty bad nerf on Natalia. As already mentioned, later one of the most feared Assassins will lose its passive effect, silence. Even so, what has made Natalia fearful is this effect, because she can easily kill enemy cores without any resistance.

When ambushed by Natalia, the enemy will be silenced for a time, which makes them unable to issue skills and Battle Spells. Therefore, Natalia's existence is very vigilant and is often banned from being ranked.

However, it seems that now Natalia is no longer feared and may even be ignored. As long as you don't have silence Natalia is not a significant threat. Even though Natalia can still disappear and be given additional damage when she ambushes, the opponent can easily escape and provide resistance.

Maybe later this nerf will be a tough task for Natalia users when they want to use this Hero to be ranked. You see, you definitely need special abilities so that this Hero can be used effectively or Natalia users leave this Hero because it is no longer useful for use in matches.

Whether Natalia is used or not, surely Moonton has thought of a lot of nerf-related things that were done to Natalia. It is possible that new gameplay will be presented through this Hero. We'll just wait until it comes to the next patch.