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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Here's 5 Tips Jungler on Mobile Legends Let Fast Rising Rank

So you can win easily by using hero jungler, follow these jungler Mobile Legends tips!

Being a jungler hero in Mobile Legends is quite difficult. Initially it feels so easy because there are not so many heroes bothering you to finish off the forest creep and get level faster than other heroes. But the higher the rank it will be more difficult also play as a hero jungler in the game. Then how to be a true jungler hero? Consider the following tips.

1. Pay attention to Turtle Locations

Before determining which buff creep you will kill, note where the Turtle is located. This is useful for speeding up your hero to move towards Turtle and kill him along with your partner. If Turtle is above, kill the Spinner buff creep and all the forest creep near the lane. When it's close to the 2nd minute, start moving towards Turtle and finish off. If there are enemies who want to get close, ask your friends help hero to disturb them or even get ready with team fight.

2. Do the Gank at the Beginning of the Game

If you already get the buff as described above and the entire creep forest is exhausted but not yet entering the 2nd minute, try the enemy heroes gank at the beginning. This is done to reduce the number of enemies who may come to the Turtle area in the 2nd minute.

3. Do not Forget Take Hermit Crab

The most important thing and should be done is always take the Hermit Crab creep that is near the river both top and bottom lane. In addition to a number of exp and gold, your hero also get a golden buff that gives extra gold to make items faster.

4. Should not Always Upgrade Jungle Items

Although you are required to purchase Hunter's Knife which is a jungle item at the beginning of the game, the item does not have to be upgraded for the better. Some heroes like Lancelot, Zilong or Alucard need more of the main item and Hunter's Knife only helps speed up farming alone. But if you use Helcurt, Fanny or other heroes, this jungle item must be upgraded to take advantage of the targetable Retribution to the hero.

5. Do not Be Too Old in the Jungle

The task of a jungler hero is to do farming in the forest, but not too long in the forest. Start moving to the empty lane when your team is doing a fight team to get items faster than other heroes as well as your team's Turret defense. When you feel the item is enough, start joining the team and push as quickly as possible.

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