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Saturday, November 25, 2017

PUBG dataminer reveals 3 new weapons and a flare firearm

Also, renamed leave outline.

Bold dataminers have officially revealed weapons, trucks and fly skis from PUBG's test server code, however it appears there's yet more gold in them slopes/lines of zeroes.

As indicated by Reddit client bizzfarts, certain areas on the shooter's approaching desert delineate set to be renamed (so long, Murderlands), while three new weapons and a flare firearm could advance into its grounds.

Bizzfarts shares models of a Winchester 1894 lever-activity rifle:

A Rhino pistol:

Furthermore, a sawed off twofold barrel shotgun (in spite of the fact that bizzfarts noticed this was found in "the gun organizer"):

Bizzfarts likewise says that while they couldn't find a model, "there are sounds and [a] UI symbol for a flare firearm." It resembles this:

The presence of these things obviously doesn't ensure their possible consideration in-amusement.

Recently, the PUBG Twitter account authoritatively uncovered the DP-28 automatic rifle and AUG A3 bullpup attack rifle are presently live in the amusement's test servers—while here's beginning and end Chris found out about the new abandon outline a current trek to Bluehole's workplaces in South Korea.

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