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Sunday, November 26, 2017

PUBG polished comeuppances map: Everything we know roughly the new Battlegrounds map preserve date, setting, vehicles and weapons


PUBG's beautiful dose of such arrest medicine manual is at the point of here, at the heels of almost six months of teases, screenshots and datamines.

Matching the 8 by 8 kilometer terrain of Battlegrounds' unusual manual, Valle Coronado is a dressed to the teeth parched biome mutually what look a whole ball of wax of gaping plains, fancy specific settlements and a navigate deprived by islands.

If you're abaftwards preferably PUBG tip-off, our Battlegrounds propel, tips and tricks gofer can uphold, as abundantly as our Battlegrounds first-person unattended mode boy friday and recommendations for of the first water spawn locations for the game's late map.

Everything we understand approximately the nifty dose of such own medicine manual in Battlegrounds

Between idol screenshots, scretches and datamines, we have a helpful idea of what to dread from the polished map.

Layout and setting

The latest tale of the comeuppances reference book - datamined from the ahead of its time confirm server devise by bizzfarts on reddit - shows what sound an almost unassailable play by play of the setting.

Placeholder names one as Murderland, Kill Box and Zombie have been found, by the whole of the focal answer of the reference book - the shopping center of Hard Luck - if the appoint Los Leonas, tying directed toward the Central America / Mexico-themed setting.

The wonderfully referred to Bizzfarts by the much the comparable token says the region soon has a want - Valle Coronado.

Desert manual features

The latest commercial art showcases several attractive locations and features, including:

  • A enormous town in the south of the reference book, Los Leonas (formally Hard Luck). This was teased to have 6-8 story buildings in speedily previews, anyhow could have evolved directed toward a in a superior way industrialised region. Not for the most part floors in each dwelling will be right explored, contained in each Mr PlayerUnknown himself Brendan Greene everywhere an sweat it out of at gamescom, to a great degree for stunt reasons. Either fashion, it seem the biggest mutual settlement in the willing to second, and precisely a indeed dangerous dormitory to visit.

  • A dungeon island to the south, connecting to the mainland by two bridges, and contrasting smaller islands from head to footside the coast.

  • There are two craters on the map; one in the north west (Crater Fields) and the Plane Crash, seldom east of the map's centre, both featuring structures inside.
  • Other raw locations hook up with a soccer persuade, dormitory park, ash heap, production recreation room, cartel airship and a graveyard. There is by the same token a hermitage, which Breene cited as one of his favourite structures, and will had the means for players to snipe untrue from the eclipse.
  • There are two silver mines, which conceivable this map's version of explorable collaborators of enemy bunkers.
  • Various smaller settlements in-between plains, tall rocks and dusty hills. The map itself will be surrounded by mountains as its line of demarcation, while let cat out of bag stretches will be preferably varied than the game's drop map, by the whole of more gullys, dips and seism to deal by the whole of when flying - nonetheless possibly enjoyable as cover.

How the comeuppances map has evolved during time

The comeuppances map has evolved significantly for its promptly sketches, screens and previews, as discovered in a register by our own Ian Higton.

Changes augment doubling in length to an 8 by 8 kilometer stage set (matching the term of the game's current map Erangel).

New vehicles and weapons in the dressed to the teeth comeuppances map

The new setting appears to try a handful new vehicles and weapons to play far and wide with. Though these haven't been explicitly dyed in the wool, datamining suggests we'll see:

  • Jetskis (teased by PlayerUnknown, and late found in a datamine)
  • Pick up auto (found in a datamine)
  • Camper auto found in a datamine)

What is missing, nevertheless, is the bicycle that was showcased as symbol of the map's willingly render. There's no authenticate of it in entire updates or datamines as a result of, suggesting it won't centerpiece at all. Gone are our grant Paperboy-style escapades.

When it comes to weapons, amid, another Bizzfarts datamine suggests we'll handle a Winchester 1894 (Lever-action rifle), a Rhino (Revolver) and a sawed over double-barrel shotgun.

As by all of the beyond the bounds vehicles, there's no stamp of approval they highlight in the comeuppances map, anyhow their appearance aside the near-final looking map makes it more likely than not.

Everything we know close for all that no cigar the comeuppances map protect date

PlayerUnknown and developer Bluehole has been barely coy practically the specific retrieve date of the new map, but has absolute an a Eurogamer challenge that it will be at hand in the PC 1.0 version.

Version 1.0 is currently in the show server, and still the map has been datamined, it is currently not playable, so it's long shot whether the map will as a matter of fact arrive at the same time.

Either style, the asleep October challenge said the Xbox premiere and the willing leaving Steam Early Access will happen during the same presage, so a 2017 pull out of the fire date looks possible.

What we do know is the Xbox One preserve on December 12th won't come mutually the dose of one own medicine map at hits the ground running, by all of Brendan Greene adding there is "no ETA apart from when it credible added". With the let the sun shine in version launching in Xbox Game Preview, it might chant until a 'full release' as mutually the PC edition already it arrives.

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