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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Update Mobile Legends 1.2.34: New Hero Zhask and the change of Gear!

Who would not like to play games Mobile Legends? MOBA genre of gaming on Smartphones that this one had a large enough player base in the world. A lot of guys or girls play games, including you.

Well, today is Moonton back give the latest update Mobile Legends. As always, updates on his game there's always new features and Hero carried.

Update Mobile Legends 1.2.34

Mobile update is present in the Legends version 1.2.34, Moonton party this time presenting some changes in it. These changes include the presence of a new hero Zhask-Planes Dominator, change Gear and Spell, fixes bugs, and other features.

1. The new Hero Zhask

Mobile Gaming Legends new Hero's arrival with the Mage role. Named Zhask, the latest in Mobile Mage Hero Legends has special abilities as Push/Poke. Uniquely again, Zhask is Mobile's first Hero Legends that have 4 skill!

The price of Zhask in Mobile Legends is 32,000 Battle Points or 599 Diamonds. There is also a Predator Zhask Crystalized Skin for sale for 269 Diamonds. In the first week of the latest Mobile udpate Legends, the Hero and Zhask Skin trimmed 30%.

Here are 4 unique skill which belonged to Zhask:

  • Passive Skill Zhask: Death Wish
  • Skill 1: Zhask Nightmaric Inception
  • Skill 2: Nightmare Zhask Invasion
  • Skill 3 Zhask: Doppelganger of Insect
  • Ultimate Skill Zhask: Dominator Befall

2. A rotational Free Hero

  • 8 free Hero in time server 24/11/2017 05:00:00-a/12/2017 05:01:00: Tigreal, Bane, Fanny, Hayabusa, Sun, Moskov, Cyclops, and Roger.
  • An additional 6 hero free for Starlight Member: Ghatotkacha, Kagura, Ruby, Hilda, Karrie, and Argus.
  • 8 free Hero in time server 1/12/2017 05:00:00-8/12/2017 05:01:00: Saber, Karina, Clint, Moskov, Natalia, Ruby, Aurora, and Lapu-Lapu.
  • An additional 6 hero for Starlight Member: Franco, Hayabusa, Sun, Cyclops, Ghatotkacha and Irithel.

3. Buff and Nerf

  • Fixes bugs on a Rotary Impact skill belongs to Alpha which does not slow down the enemy was so affected by the attack.
  • Adjustment of the ratio of attack skill Force Swing belonged to Alpha from 2.7 so 2. Its damage increased from 350/390/430/470/510/550 become 350/420/490/560/630/700 at every level.

4. Adjustment of the Battleground & Battle Spell

Adjustment Of The Battleground:

  • A. I will not retreat in Custom Mode
  • Development in the look of Death Review
  • The development of light and shadow on the minion
  • Lancer will get more damage of Turrets
  • Retribution will appear the icon of Lord or Turtle while being near them
  • Upgrading item jungling will not reset the cooldown of Retribution

Battle Spell

  • Deadly Blade: Unique-Life Drain now on trigger by basic attacks

5. Event and new features

  • Starlight Seasonal Members will be online from 1 Desemer 2017
  • The language will be changed following the IP address
  • The Addition Of Daily Quests

6. Adjustment System

  1. Emblem system changes, including icon and name
  2. The addition of a system of "I Want to Improve" on each end of the game
  3. Improved messaging system
  4. The increase in Popular Equipment Sets and Top Player Sets
  5. Improved UI Profile
  6. Fixes bugs Follow button when streaming
  7. The status of the live stream will be shown
  8. The rules live stream dierbaiki, which players Mythial Glory which can be more than 500 stars will be featured
  9. The player can determine the number of items purchased in the Shop
  10. The addition of Fog effects by default in position OFF. Can be arranged ON via the menu Settings-Basics-Graphics

7. Bug fixes

  1. Bug fixes Chest which reset is not timely
  2. Weird sound bug fixes on Custom Fashion
  3. Bug fixes on the letter
  4. Bug fixes when players could be invited to the Brawl or Classic credit when his score below 60
  5. Bug fixes of Beta Alpha property loss when using a skil Rotary steelah Swing Impact Force
  6. Bug fixes display stage
  7. Fixes a bug where for a few situations when returning to page settings, will occur error on your friends list
  8. Bug fixes when the Hero pursue opponents using Target-Lock
  9. Bug fixes display loss of skill
  10. Bug fixes sometimes Alpa could use "Beta," 2 times.

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