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Friday, December 15, 2017

10 Genre Android Game Upon Best Doomsday Dash Up Free 2017

Game survival always gives its own impression for the players. This genre game always gives the impression between so playful and dizzy determine the next strategy for the characters can continue to survive in the game.

To add to the tension of players, the genre after apocalypse aka apocalypse much adopted majority of survival games today. Here Jaka you know 10 games Android genre after the best apocalypse you can download for free!

10 Genre Android Game After Doomsday Free 2017

1. Last Day on Earth: Survival

The stunning graphical display creates a gripping element in the Last Day on Earth game: Survival is getting more and more felt. This MMORPG game requires you to fight zombies, gather equipment, and survive. You only have limited equipment, so choose to avoid or face zombies and enemies.

2. Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game

If you're a lover of the Left 4 Dead series, you seem to fit the Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game. Offering a different point of view, you must join the team to destroy the zombies that destroy the city. Keep the camp to prevent enemies from taking it.

3. Trial By Survival

Had the same gameplay as the previous game, Trial By Survival offers a gripping experience with comic-style graphics. Collect equipment and use the surrounding environment to face enemies, break down walls, blow up cars or gasoline drums. Work with your pet dog to attack and defend.

4. Day R Survival

Background of the post-Soviet Union of Soviet Union, an RPG game called Day R Survival offers survival experience amid radiation hazards. The enemy facing not only the inhabitants turned into zombies, but the hunger and disease that also threatens the lives of your character guys.

5. Vaultomb Post-Apocalyptic RPG

Vaultomb Post-Apocalyptic offers the experience of playing RPG survival games amid the onslaught of nuclear war in Wastelands. This game's gameplay is dominated by a war between Guilds with thousands of weapons and defenses that you can use to survive.

6. Apocalypse Runner Free

Endless run game lovers definitely will not miss Apocalypse Run Free. The main mission in this game is to run as far as possible from the devastating tsunami that destroyed the mainland. With easy controls, do not forget to collect points and avoid obstacles to get bonuses.

7. Badland

Badland has won numerous awards as a game with the best graphics and gameplay from various events. The game that has gained over 40 million downloads has a creepy impression plus the background of abandoned trees after the apocalypse.

8. Plague Inc.

What would happen if you were the one who caused the apocalypse? Game Plague Inc. has a major mission to infect and destroy the world through viruses you create. Game developed by Ndemic Creations has been played more than 200 million times.

9. Hackers

If Plague Inc. attack through the virus, different again Hackers game that causes world apocalypse through cyber crime. In this game developed by Trikster Arts, you must set a strategy to attack, break into defense, and become the strongest country in the world.

10. Fallout Shelter

If you know the Fallout series, you can not miss the Fallout Shelter game available on mobile devices. In the midst of the arid land of post nuclear radiation, you have a mission to build underground colonies and rebuild life. Prepare also the equipment of war to counter the attacks of the enemy.

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