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Monday, December 11, 2017

12 Best Mobile Game Naruto on Android! Naruto Fans Are Obliged To Play!

Not just a Ninja, Voltage 12 game Naruto collection best Android that you can play directly on HP!

Exclusion of PSP games that can be played through an emulator PPSSPP, here are the 12 best Android game Naruto, immediately refer to the full list below!

1. Naruto: Ninja Boruto x Voltage

"Simple Controls that can strike in a row and pull out all kinds of ninjutsu! Place the trap and shinobi to keep villagers from attack the enemy while you build the strongest fortress! The Mission of the online multiplayer is also available, working with four other players to conquer the enemy's terrific! "

2. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing

"Opponents of the invasion of the enemy and finish the mission using Formation Combat system a versatile new Shinobi: strategic RPG battle system that serves a combination of horrendous attacks together with your friend. Mastered the ability of the team on the field, discover new ninjutsu, and be the next Hokage in the first Ultimate Ninja game in mobile! "

3. Manga Clash

"Like the Anime or Manga such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Hunter X Hunter or even a Hatsune Miku? You are obligated to download Manga Clash right now! Manga RPG games is a Clash with the theme of the popular anime and manga that's for sure you guys know, hundreds of famous anime characters can you guys play and see the action in the Manga Clash. "

4. Naruto Mobile Fighter

"Through the spirit of fire, the course of the bout updated! Tilled by Tencent together Bandai Namco, Kishimoto Masashi, Shueisha, and supervision of other copyright, Naruto Mobile Fighter presents original story where the player can play as Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara and other ninja. Features of collecting ninja-ninja team battles, PVP, in real-time, together will turn on again the spirit in battle! "

5. Konoha Heroes

"Konoha Heroes is the latest Mobile MMORPG game from OmoGames. This game story from the Anime series Ninja is most famous in the world. The greatest ninja of recruits, tackle all of Naruto and Konoha village save now! Hundreds of the strongest ninja is ready to help you in any battle. Ninjamu practise and learn a new jutsu, you reach for the dream to become a Hokage! "

6. Ninja Heroes-Storm Battle

"Best anime RPGS has arrived--Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle! Collect team ninja fantasy, legends and Whiz along with millions of other players in the global battle between servers! Ninja storm is approaching! Release the power of violent tactics to conquer opponents and mosnter! The power of ninjutsu is on control you. Wake up ninjamu saga, and become a legend in the Ninja Heroes: Storm Battle! "

7. Ninja Saga

"Now you can play the Ninja Saga in Android devices!! Most popular ninja-themed RPG and best with 18 million fans from all over the world. Explore the world of ninjas and natural adventure while completing the mission daily, level up, learn about the strongest jutsu, and opens the Blood Line Techniques in order to become more powerful! One day you will be the best in the land. "

8. The Shinobi Wars

"Playing with you favorite heroes in the Shinobi Wars. The Shinobi Wars is the latest 2D ninja fighting game. "

9. Extreme Ninja Fighting

"Competed against different enemies in the world of platformer full leap to use punches, kicks, throwing knives, and special attacks for each character. Enjoy a game that only takes up memory 6 MB this!! "

10. The Ultimate Battle: Ninja Dash

"Running Game and action with four ninja. The opposing enemy wears a cute ninja. Collect the coins in order to make you more powerful ninja and ninjutsu study. Collect items and combine a variety of style "

11. Runner Ninja Adventure

"This is the greatest ninja run games. The goal of this game is to continue to run and jump to avoid obstacles, and be sure to collect the forbidden scrolls to add value, use the boost for increased speed and jump higher. "

12. Manga Ninja Saga

"You will play as a pure ninja. Here you can become a Master Ninja. Fighting for peace, friendship, and triumph! Get ready for the biggest Ninja War in history and become a Legend! No internet connection needed to play. "

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