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Friday, December 15, 2017

4 Ways to Play Mobile Legends Match Rank

Play Mobile Legends game is fun. Because we can choose dozens of Hero freely while playing together my teammates to beat the opposing team. If we win, we can easily move up to a higher rank.

Speaking of Mobile Legends rankings, BGamezblog has Mobile Legends tips that you can apply according to your current ranking. Guaranteed fast rise ranking!

How to Play Mobile Legends Match Rank

To date there are 6 levels of rankings in Mobile Legends, namely Warrior, Elite, Master, GrandMaster, Epic, and Legend. Each level describes the level of difficulty and ability of each player, the higher the better.

Do you want to quickly rank up from Warrior to Grand Master or even to Legend in Mobile Legends? If so, try to follow Mobile Legends tips according to the following rank:

1. Warrior - Elite: Master the Hero Layla

Behind the sweetness of Layla, he is special dedesain to accompany new players. Feel free to play Layla in the ranked match if it is still a Warrior or Elite. Because Layla is a hero Marksman with a skill that can provide great damage. But remember, always keep a distance!

In the Warrior to Elite rankings, focus on destroying the middle turret first with a team mate. Act as a pusher. Do not forget to buy recommendation items to make your skills more deadly.

2. Master: Focus Destroy 1 Turret on 1 Lane

Once up in the Master rank, you should start dividing the roles of each Hero. Keep the top, middle and bottom turrets with the appropriate Hero. Focus hit and destroy 1 turret opponent in each lane. Once 1 turret is destroyed, immediately help your teammates to destroy the turret on the other lane. Then push together.

3. Grand Master: Set Opportunity

Instead of focusing on attacking the turret, you must survive desperately to keep the turret from crashing. Although 1 against 2 though, stick with your spam skills. Do not let a turret break down.

Once your friend has trouble on one lane, help him drive out the enemy. Better to kill enemies, then push turret together. If not, focus back on the lane until the opportunity to attack.

4. Epic - Legends: We Need a Tank!

At this highest level, you really have to master the Tank hero. Why? Because your teammates usually do not want to use the Tank, when he plays an important role in holding off enemy attacks, while protecting the tower.

Well, that's how to play Mobile Legends in accordance with each rank. Hopefully Mobile Legends tips are useful and can help you get up the rank quickly!

Good luck!

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