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Saturday, December 23, 2017

5 Best Mobile Hero Legends To Defeat Zhask

Moonton as developers are also increasingly incentive to update to improve this increasingly popular MOBA game. One of Moonton's efforts to give satisfaction to the players is to continue to bring new heroes with all the cool skills.

One of the latest Mobile Legends heroes is the Zhask. Hero mage is immediately steal the attention since its emergence in advanced server. Starting from appearance to skill, Zhask succeeded in making the players want to immediately have it. All the skills that Zhask does have high damage. Especially the ultimate skill that he has can make the power equivalent to 2 heroes. Then, is Zhask an unbeatable hero? Of course, I can. Well, here are 5 best Mobile Legends heroes to defeat Zhask. Anyone?

5 Best Mobile Hero Legends To Defeat Zhask

1. Odette

The beautiful Odette who is famous for his Swan Song is indeed a balanced opponent for Zhask. The basic attack alone is quite troublesome. Moreover, coupled with other skill attacks such as the powerful Blue Nova binding enemy and Swan Song which has a wide range. The mini tower created by Zhask will not be too difficult for this woman's hero mage.

2. Argus

The famous Argus has two lives seemingly likely to defeat the Zhask. Moreover, Argus has Demonic Grip skill that makes him able to remove the hand that took him to go to a certain place.

This skill helps her to attack suddenly until her class of Zhask hero who can issue tower to attack even difficulty dodge. In addition, Argus also has a much better survival ability than Zhask.

3. Karina

Karina is still the favorite herass assassin of Mobile Legends players. This hero is famous for its ability to attack from close range is accurate and deadly. Zhask that has a low survival ability will not be able to hold if Karina could attack with its flagship skills such as Dance of Death or Shadow Rush that gives a considerable amount of magic damage.

4. Hylos

Despite the status of Tanker, Hylos is also very powerful used against the Zhask. Moreover, Zhask is a difficult hero to attack alone. Not just any player who uses this mage can attack alone. If dealing with Hylos and hit by a Law and Order or Ring of Punishment attack that has great damage, then a low durability Zhask will be difficult to survive.

5. Miya

Miya is one of the easy-to-use Mobile Legends heroes. Hero marksman is quite easy to control, but has the ability that can not be underestimated.

Zhask who has a strong attack can be defeated by Miya with a variety of archery skills he has. Moreover, Miya can disappear with Turbo Stealth skills that he has. This skill can save him when dying and can also help him chase Zhask faster without being seen.

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