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Saturday, December 2, 2017

7 Games Tower Defense that You Try once in a lifetime

Of the various types of games, tower defense became one of a kind that is quite a lot of interest the lovers games, either on a PC or smartphone. This type of game on umumya performed a task that requires us to set the right strategies, like making defense and so on.

It could be said the average game-type tower defense is a game that is relaxed, yet quite draining thoughts. It is all because we are required to set up a smart-smart strategies. This type of game is also mostly very hard but fun. Well, here is my review about some games Jaka tower defense is a fairly fun and not boring even if you play until whenever.

7 Games Tower Defense that will never Bore Played Anytime!

1. Diponegoro Tower Defense

The first is the Diponegoro Tower Defense. This game is extremely entertaining and Jaka did not dull. Alasanya because this game is unique and brings the Java background, and of course is the result of game developer Indonesia. Here you will find a wide variety of types of enemies, ranging from the easiest to the upscale a.k.a. difficult. You can also upgrade the weapon so that the resulting strength gain is nice.

2. Toy Defense 3 Fantasy

The second is the Toy Department of Defense Fantasy Tower. This game is honestly is still the same as the previous game, and equally enjoyable. Of course you will be given a mission to protect a Kingdom there. To protect the Kingdom, you can count on many ways, like making a castle for Defense as well as putting up weapons, or other protective gear. This game presents graphics and gameplay that is not boring and still fun for play at any time.

3. Castle Defense

Game tower defense is the next Castle Defense. This game is also very nice. Although the graphics are presented still not as advanced as the game aka the standard HD, thanks to its gameplay, Castle Defense remains entertaining.

Besides being entertained, skill in crafting a strategy will also be trained slowly. Duty there is making defense as strong as possible, because this game has a lot of enemy attackers, ranging from the ordinary to a very powerful demon.

4. Sentinel 4 Dark Star

Graphics from Sentinel 4 Dark Star when compared to some of the games above may be said to be lost but luckily this game carries the gameplay very promising and entertaining. Jaka dare guarantee you would stay at home to play this game all the time. Sentinel 4 Dark Star basically does have a focus on gameplay. Starting from build defense, attack, and another mission will you meet in this game.

5. Anomaly Friday Defenders


Anomaly Friday Defenders is a tower defense game that has many enthusiasts, it was clear this game already have been downloaded millions of times. So it can be ensured if game Anomaly Friday Defenders really gave pleasure.

For graphics, it may still lose good compared to other games, but the features and gameplay that is presented is pretty good and no less exciting. Jaka alone still play it.

6. Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is also one of the best tower defense games are not boring, though played at any time. The reason is according to Wiki because this game gave the challenge is quite difficult and totally drained mind to set up a strategy. Overall very nice from the features or elements of interest, just that it graphically performed less good. However, this stage of the game.

7. Magic Rush Heroes

Then the last one is Magic Rush Heroes. To be honest, this game remains the same as the other tower defense games, but the advantages of this game is because it carries a very good RPG elements. You will be presented a few options one time characters, and you can also upgrade so the ability possessed by the characters you grew.

Not just that, here also provided features to fight a duel, so you can try with your friends to find out which therefore presents a more formidable ngegame. For gameplay and graphics can not doubt. To be sure, this game is guaranteed to be fun anyway even though you play every day aka not boring!

That's 7 best Android tower defense game that is not easily boring. If you are tired of the old games, there's no harm in trying a few games above. And certainly, not only keseruan that will get you, but rather the strategy you will also be trained slowly.

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