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Friday, December 1, 2017

Admits This, Release 3 Teaser Vainglory 5v5 you should know!

Nobody feels we've entered November gaes. Still remember right some time ago Super Evil Megacorp has opened early access for you want to first try folder Vainglory 5v5; ahead of its official release will be done by December 2017 in unison with the upcoming Vainglory Worlds, Super Evil Megacorp also are increasingly being released teaser-teaser about 5v5 folder. Is there any new information? Yuk refer some of them!

A more Detailed Folders teaser!

In the teaser which was release a few days ago, a Super Evil Megacorp shows how form folder 5v5 Vainglory. The teaser is enough detail up to dent dent-jungle and also the layout of the shrubs in the folder.

You can also see that the later trip heading to the Vain Crystal will not be as easy as that, because there are other than the Turret on the doorstep to Vain Crystal, there are also other building looks sort of Vain Crystal. It could be when you destroy those small Crystal, then you get a Super Minion or a more powerful minions.

The turret and Vain Crystal

Super Evil Megacorp also released the concept making of Turret and Vain Crystal 5v5 folder. Look it seems this 5v5 folder Turret more fierce with the larger gun sleeve. Also see of its decorations and of the previous folder, folder teaser 5v5 it it seems to be themed kingdoms. It is certainly different from previous 3v3 folder themes more just like the road heading to the shrine only.

Dragon Replacement Kraken?

the last, Super Evil Megacorp tends to be less shy to teaser to this one. They released two teaser that depicts an egg with a variety of forms. In the first teaser SEMC showed ' something ' that look like precious stones, but on the other hand also could have been a smoldering red eggs.

In a second teaser, SEMC re-release many variety of items such as eggs, keliahatan with a variety of color and texture of the skin, including skin texture are like precious stones in the teaser before. Towards the end of the teaser was shown also objects like eggs there is a scaly black and pull out to aura of darkness of it.

The teaser may refer to beings Binder in 5v5 Kraken's replacement. Some of you may still be confused whether this object, but already since the beginning of the SEMC might provide a clue to this question. The Dragon! Yak, true, Dragon! Since the beginning of the teaser 5v5, SEMC often shows a dragon as the teaser poster of the spotlight. the possibility of this Dragon is beings replacement Kraken in Vainglory 5v5 later.

Vainglory 5v5 folder will be released officially by the SEMC in unison with Vainglory World Championship event 2017 in Singapore on December 14-17.

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