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Monday, December 11, 2017

Do You Agree if the system Ban Pick applied to all ranks of the Ranked Match?

Tire Pick-up is a term that we often find in those games MOBA. This term is present when the players cannot use original hero-hero in the game. Such a system has indeed should exist, especially in fashion-fashion competition because it makes the game becomes much more exciting and balanced. Each player is required to master the different type of hero who exists so that no dead lice had their flagship hero on a tire or pick by another player.

In MOBA mobile games such as Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor there is indeed a special mode that implements the Ban system Pick. This mode is usually used only for competitions which is professional. In addition, the Ban also applied to Pick Ranked Match, but was restricted in certain ranks. For Mobile Legends in Epic rank and above, while the Arena of Valor at the rank of Diamond and above.

The question becomes, why Pick this Tire system only applied to high ranks? What is the correct Tire Pick-up system will be a burden if applied starting from a small rank? To discuss it further, of course we have to look at these advantages and deficiencies first.


  • Players accustomed to the competitive mode early on
  • Players lay not only meant one hero
  • Train communication and teamwork
  • Do not get confused when entering into the realm of esport


  • Make players lay puzzled
  • New player usually got little hero
  • New players tend to be hard-working receiver
  • One match into a longer duration

If cursory we compare the advantages and disadvantages of the above, it is actually a pretty good Pick Tires when applied from the outset in all ranks. In addition to building a better community, it can also anticipate the gap between skill players when they have reached high rank.

It's just that it is a little difficult to be applied to the mobile game MOBA. The main reason of course because the hero that you can wear at the beginning very little. If you want to add a collection of hero, you have to buy it to use the ingame currency or real currencies. Unlike the MOBA PC throughout his hero you can choose and use free of charge.

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