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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Easy Win! 5 Hero Mobile Legends Best with a Win Rate high in November 2017

Haven't reached Glorious Legend? Here are the best Mobile hero Legends win high rate that could help you win easily in December!

Play Mobile Legends it was fun, especially if the win! But otherwise if it loses, it feels like to see rampage rank already laborious climb, jump down drastically.

This time, BGamezblog will give you a glimpse of Mobile hero Legends during the month of December 2017 Novmber. List of hero is obtained from looking at the stats win rate, and the popularity of each hero in the meta this time.

Curious anyone hero who could make you win easily? Just check the list here!

1. Akai

After the drastic changes a few months ago, Akai straight became the hero of the best Legends Mobile number one! With the win rate reached 54.64 percent, Akai is now a combination of tank while fighter make it able to play aggressive.

Now, all of his skills to deliver damage. While skill passive voice that is Tai Chi, will provide a Shield after Akai uses a skill! Attack there, there's also survived. Cool isn't it?

2. Irithel

Marksman is no longer period? EITs, says who? The proof, Irithel still be winning subscription lho! If his item already so Irithel, it could be a very dreaded archers with damage attacks skyrocket.

Don't expect could blur deh, Because Irithel has the ultimate which is able to jump to the front, then get additional damage to his attack. You might be able to run, but will not be able to run from Irithel!

3. Ruby

Do not underestimate this cute hero! Behind the veil over her, Ruby is an assassin who was able to pursue his opponent with such agile use of his skill. He's no longer the timid Red Riding Hood!

The entire Ruby skill give damage to his opponent. Not only that, two of his skill, i.e. Don't Run Wolf King and I'm Offended, able to attract his opponent back closer so they could not escape.

4. Argus

Since the present in Mobile, hero Legends Argus straight, being one of the best Mobile hero Legends that you can use to be able to win with ease!

From his skill, arguably if Argus as the Angel of death who are not able to die! Throughout his skills also are disable, and enables Argus to pursue his opponent to death.

Thanks to his ultimate skill, Argus feels immortal, so he could do a initiation without fear! Argus is the best Mobile hero Legends you should try this in December.

5. Grock

Last there is the Grock. Although he belongs to the hero of tanks, but his presence in the arena battles bring a big impact on the victory!

The entire skill has a big damage, Grock add mobility himself, as well as blocking the movement of the opponent. Less what again? Views of the entire skill Grock, proven when Grock is a Mobile hero Legends best-in-class tanks.

Use the complete package offering Grock! Damage? There are. Pursuing the opponent? Can. Catch your opponent? It is definitely capable. If haven't got this hero, Grock is obliged to purchase!

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