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Friday, December 1, 2017

Finally! Pokémon Legends Ho-Oh is present in Pokemon GO!

Follow other legends Pokemon from the second generation, finally Ho-Oh on Pokemon GO is present, and you can catch it now!

Ho-Oh is one of the legends of Johto region Pokemon, or second generation. With the presence of Ho-Oh, following four other second generation legend Pokemon, Raikou, Entei, i.e. Suicun, and Lugia Pokemon legend, then in the second generation is already present in the full Pokemon GO.

Just like Lugia, Ho-Oh Legend Pokemon are in attendance to in-game Pokemon GO in limited time. Starting from the 27th of December, Ho-Oh you can find and get up to date 12 December 2017.

You can see the short promotional videos uploaded via Twitter official Pokemon GO below:

There is one thing that most interesting of hunting event Pokemon Ho-Oh legend this time, that you get the deer in any wilayahmu are, or Ho-Oh distributed globally, without being tied to a particular area.

Examples of Pokemon that are bound to a specific area is Kangaskhan, which exists only in the region of Australia, then Ho-Oh, and could you response globally around the world, unfortunately only in limited time.

Ho-Oh has five skill. For a Quick Move, there is an Extrasensory, and Steel Wing, while the Charge Move there is Brave Bird, Fire Blast, and Solar Beam. Of course you will get two among the five.

Ho-Oh is Flying and Fire type Pokemon, surely a suitable opponent you use to conquer the Ho-Oh is a Pokemon with the type of Rock, Water, and Electric. Type Electric handy for dealing with this type of Flying, while the Fire will lose with Rock and Water.

Of course, it would be very cool if you could catch the Pokémon legends Ho-Oh and Pokemon. In addition, you can make it a collection, considering this Pokemon only appear in a limited Raid mode, this Pokémon can also be used to fight.

Remember! Ho-Oh just you can find and catch up on 12 December 2017 only, so don't miss this opportunity to you. What do you think about the Ho-Oh on Pokemon GO?

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