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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Fun and Brutal, Here's 5 Fighting Fights in God of War Game!

God of War is a game that tells about Kratos adventure to bring down gods in Greece. This revenge mission began when a defeated Kratos battled for help on Ares, the god of war.

Ares then grants Kratos request and gives it a very powerful weapon, Blade of Chaos. This weapon is then used by Kratos to fight the war and unexpectedly, this is the beginning of all the problems that occurred in God of War.

In this game we will be presented various battle ciamik. Even Kratos many faced the vicious creatures that are very large. Of the many battles, some are even the coolest battles in God of War.

Well, maybe without too much ado, will be talking about the coolest fight in God of War!

1. The Versus Ares Fight

The coolest battle in the first God of War is when Kratos confronts Ares. Ares also must be responsible for the death of his wife and children Kratos.

In this battle we will see Kratos being transformed into a giant after using the Pandora Box. In this duel Kratos was able to surpass the power of Ares as a god of war.

But actually in this fight Kratos almost lost to Ares let alone after himself again overshadowed by the death of the child and his wife in the middle of the fight. Not even stop there, Blade of Chaos Kratos suddenly lost so that he no longer have weapons.

Luckily Kratos get a sword weapon that ultimately successfully complete his revenge on Ares. With a very sadistic Kratos directly thrust the sword at Ares's chest.

The ultimate fight is arguably a cool cover for a title that later evolves into an incredible game franchise.

2. Hermes

The ultimate battle in God of War is Hermes. Hermes is one of the flamboyant gods and has the ability to move very quickly because he has special shoes.

When confronted with Hermes, Kratos is not directly faced physically as Hermes often blur and move very quickly. Even many times in this fight Kratos bothered by Hermes.

Why is this battle considered cool? Because Kratos managed to prove himself not only rely on muscle but also using his brain in every action.

Because Hermes is very fast, Kratos would have to move faster and towards the end of the fight, Kratos makes Hermes dead step by bombarding it using a stone gaksaksa.

After hit by this stone, Kratos then directly collide with Hermes and as expected, Kratos won easily even himself had tortured Hermes first.

Towards the end of the fight, Kratos suddenly wanted this Hermes shoe and immediately cut Hermes's legs mercilessly. From the way Kratos defeats Hermes, it's no exaggeration if this fight becomes the coolest battle in God of War.

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