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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Many are Fooled! Five Hero Physical Attack It Turns out to Generate Magic Damage!

There are still many gamers who are deceived because some skill from the five heroes of this physical attack actually produce magic damage!

Hero physical attack will usually give physical damage. To counter the hero physical attack, a tank will add and enlarge items that add physical defense. It was memorized by the tank players in the face of the hero physical attack of the opponent.

But sometimes the skill of the five Arena of Valor heroes below still inflicts enormous damage when using high physical defense items. What's wrong? Well, it turns out there are still many gamers who are deceived by the skill of the following heroes because some of the skills of this hero physic attacks actually produce magic damage! Who are these heroes and what skills actually produce magic damage from them? Check out below!

1. Arthur

Armed with a sword and using his cloak of war signifies he is a knight who normally gives physical damage, it turns out there is a skill that Arthur actually produce magic damage. The second skill, Demon Strangle, will attack the enemy by providing magic game by converting the value of physical attack possessed.

2. Kil'Groth

Furthermore still from the warrior hero class there is Kil'Groth. When the Enraged Spear skill is learned, Kil'Groth will cause magic damage in the third normal attack. When this skill is activated, any normal attack for two seconds will cause additional magic damage!

3. Kriknak

Continue to the assassin range there Kriknak. The one skill, Terrifying Plague, from Kriknak will give the mark to the opponent. This mark will cause magic damage to the opponent by the maximum percentage of HP! It is rare to know because the main ability Terving Plague skills are physical damage.

4. Valhein

Furthermore from the ranks of archer there is Valhein. Despite being designed as an archer supported by physical attacks, Valhein turns out magic damage not just from one skill, but all the skills it has! Do not believe? Immediately aja you check yourself on the profile Valhein in the game.

5. Slimz

Lastly there is a rising archer, Slimz. The first skill of Slimz, Flying Spear, is very useful when fight because it gives stun effect with a long duration of 2.5 seconds. But the tricky is the damage that resulted in magic damage!

That's the five heroes who essentially have a physical attack but it produces magic damage. With this information, hopefully you can anticipate one of the heroes above when you become your enemy by using at least one item of magic defense.

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