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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Monster Hunter HD Stories Landed on Smartphones!

One of the flagship games of Nintendo 3DS was re-launched for smartphones. This time Monster Hunter Stories HD from Capcom is present for Android and iOS in Japan!

Monster Hunter The story that spin-off with the RPG genre for Nintendo 3DS is also for smartphones! More interesting this series of smartphones will have High Definition graphics quality loh! So this game will certainly provide better game quality. Capcom Party released this HD Story Monster Hunter for Android and iOS. Only, this game is still only available in Japanese only today.

Keep in mind, Monster Hunter This HD story will be different from Monster Hunter Stories: Ride-On which was previously also released for Android and iOS loh! This game is a port of Monster Hunter Stories version of Nintendo 3DS which was previously released on October 8, 2016 and then in Japan. For the global version (english) was just released in early September 2017 ago.

This game itself dibandrol for 1,900 yen or about 210 thousand dollars only. Interestingly in addition to more cool graphics and yahud, Capcom also make interface changes that make the game on the smartphone. Especially in this smartphone version also comes with an auto-save system that will keep players in storing the game data of their search results.

For you who want to try this game series before buying, Capcom also provide demo version which can be downloaded free of charge! The demo version for this smartphone is dubbed Monster Hunter Stories: Tabidachi no Shou.

Monster Hunter The story of HD tells the adventures of the Riders, the hunter who along with the monster in the bullet. Tracing the darkness of a new world and trying to discover the power of Kizuna Stone is your job.

Together with Nabiru, your fellow soldier during Rider's exam, you will start the adventure. Oh yes, there are plenty of Riders and Hunters who will also help your adventure!

This game allows players to work with monsters called Otomon. They will be your friends in adventure in the wild. There will be many other monsters wandering around.

To attack them, you just see them to go into battle mode. Sistemtar Monster Hunter This story is turn-based system and each turn you can choose one of three attributes.

This attribute is divided into POWER, TECHNIQUE, and SPEED. All three work on each other beat, for example when the player chooses the POWER attribute and the enemy chooses SPEED, then the player's attack will fail.

Here, automobiles will help you in other monster monsters. After defeating your opponent's monster, you and your automon will get additional EXP and some drops.

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