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Friday, December 15, 2017

Seven Knights Introduces New Character, Ingrid

Netmarble Games announces the latest RPG Seven Knights mobile game update in the launch of its newest hero, Ingrid.

Ingrid lost his family and the villagers due to the fight between Spike and Lania. This is what makes Ingrid looking for Spike to avenge him.

Appropriate background is full of bloody tragedies, Ingrid also has a unique skill associated with the bleed effect.

When Ingrid strikes a target with a bleed effect, he is able to strategically use his skills by providing additional damage to all enemies.


Seven Knights make improvements for the convenience of gamers like a feature to sell all the pet at once.

Seven Knights also made a massive increase considering the input of the players.

There is also the addition of features to swap items with certain items that players can get through the game on Adventure.


To celebrate the update, Seven Knights offers an event with abundant gifts to gamers.

Gamers are guaranteed to get Ingrid to celebrate year-end holiday updates and Ingrid updates.

Various other events, such as Super Double Power Up Rate Event and Key Adventure Discount Event also enliven this update.

Winner of Seven Knights Costume Play Contest II

The Seven Knights gamers cosplay competition held August 11, 2017, just ended on December 7, 2017.

Competition is divided into two main categories, namely Light Armor and Heavy Armor.

Here are the winners from each category.


1st Winner: KameAam - Justice of the Ocean Roro.
2nd Winner: Riesa Annis Safitri - Lu Bu Azure Cavalry.
3rd Winner: Jessica Mulia - Captain Kendo Shane.


1st Winner: Rama Presley - Guardian of Justice Chancellor.
2nd Winner: Vincent - Carnage Sieg Blade.
3rd Winner: Ayarei H. - Rudy Heaven Guard.

The winners will get the top prize worth a total of Rp31.000.000, tens of thousands of Ruby, Art Book Vol.2, and dozens of Hoodie Tee Ex-Four Lords.

The winners will also participate in the making of Self-Video, Interview Cosplayer, as well as the photographs will be published in all social media Seven Knights Indonesia.

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