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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

These 7 Advanced Games Need High Specific PCs

For a PC gamer, having a PC and complete and sophisticated gaming equipment is a necessity. Especially for those who like to play games that are heavy. Of course, PCs and gaming equipment owned must also have a super strong specification in order not to happen things that can make a loss.

In the gaming industry, many cool and popular PC games fall into the heavy game category. In addition to the file size is very large, heavy games are also accompanied by extraordinary graphics that can only be played on certain PCs only.

7 Game Weight It Need High Spec PC

1. Battlefield 3

The third series of Battlefield comes with all its advantages. This FPS game will make players experience realistic and remarkable battles. The exciting story comes with a wide map and strong characterization to make Battlefield 3 so beloved.

Moreover, Battlefield 3 is reinforced with Frostbite Engine 2.0 and DirectX 11 which makes the graphics so real, detailed and quality. Because of the advantages it has, to maximize the game Battlefield 3, gamers must have a high-specification PC equipped with DirectX11 Graphics Card 1GB capacity.

2. Metro 2033

Lifting the theme of the future after the third world war, Metro 2033 is one of the toughest FPS games in the gaming industry. No arbitrary PC can play this game optimally. Need a PC with a high specification because the display of the stunning Metro 2033 can not be reached by ordinary PC.

Graphics of this one game is recognized very fantastic, the lights were so detailed and amazing thanks to DirectX 11 technology. Therefore, the PC needed to play this game is not much different from Battlefield 3.

3. Far Cry Primal

A stunning open-world FPS concept is present in one of Far Cry's popular action game series. Through the Far Cry Primal, Ubisoft managed to bring players into the battle of survival in pre-history with the presence of humans and wild animals are so real. At least, it takes a PC with 8GB of RAM complete with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Video Card to be able to play Primal Far Cry optimally.

4. Grand Theft Auto 5

The fifth series of popular GTA games seem to really test the gamers. How not, GTA 5 has a display with resolution up to 4K Ultra-HD that runs at 60 frames / sec. To be able to feel the challenging battle atmosphere with Trevor, Franklin and Michael, players need a PC running on an Intel core i5 processor with at least 8GB of RAM.

5. Lost Planet 3

Lost Planet is indeed one of the game is quite popular. The third series comes back with a massive battle against giant monsters. Lost Planet 3 displays a very attractive graphics, of course, the required PC specifications are also quite high. To play it optimally, at least players must prepare a PC with 8GB of RAM complete with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 for optimal graphic display.

6. Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady returned with their flagship game Batman: Arkham Knight. Games rated nowadays have many other missions alongside the main mission. Batman adventure this time to make players have to prepare a PC with high specifications. Required PC with Intel Core i7-3770 Processor, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Graphics Card with 3GB capacity equipped with DirectX11 to experience Batman: Arkham Knight extraordinary.

7. Hitman

Hitman released in 2016 is one of the Stealth games that are so popular among gamers. Games that are full of mystery is actually not so heavy if played with a standard quality. However, if you want to play it with maximum graphics, then the PC players must have large RAM equipped with DirectX12 mode and GTX 1060 graphics card with 6GB capacity.

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