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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This Detail of a Big Update Featured Arena of Valor December 2017

Arena of Valor announced the release of a Big Update on Thursday, December 6, 2017 that brings a lot of changes, ranging from the hero, items, gameplay, and other new features.

The following details the changes to the Big Update Featured Arena of Valor in December 2017.

Gamer Score

  • Changes to a minimum Score of gamers Ranked Match to follow, from the previous one should be above the value 80 be above 85.
  • Changes to the daily limit to gain bonus Score 90 points of gamers, being 96 points.
  • Changes to the regulation on the reduction of score game due to AFK (Away from Keyboard).
  • Sanctions points to gamers due to the AFK after the match plus.
  • When gamers in a short time doing AFK in repeatedly, then it will at once be punished by reducing 10 gamers score.
  • Optimize the reporting system, with tightening standards reporting done by many people at once.
  • In addition, when within a short time dilapor repeatedly, then probably reduced to 10 gamers score points.
  • Optimizing regulation in determining AFK, for gamers who are AFK due to forced, when you can immediately go back into the game and have the value of a good match, then the reduction imposed will gamers score less.

The Optimization Of Social Interaction

  • Add "Player Cards". gamers can add a favorite role, hours played AOV, locations and other information.
  • This is to facilitate the information you checked by other gamers.
  • Improve search functionality of friends with filter (filter), gamers can search based on role, time-play time, rank, location of existence while finding new friends so it's easier to find the right playmates.
  • The addition of features to the giving of the gift. For gamers who score a certain number had already reached pertemanannya and already reached level, gamers can not only give you gold daily, but can also give a gift.
  • The recipient not only can get more gold, and can get hero and skin trial card. Every day, it should be able to give this gift to three friends.
  • The addition of a friend search feature easier; When searching for a friend, simply enter part of a username to search, do not need the full name.

Spectator Mode

  • The addition of the feature where popular spectator can immediately see when there are gamers who bought the ultimate item.
  • The addition of the feature where popular spectator can check Skill Cooldown HP and the gamers when the match takes place.
  • Improve surveillance area popular spectator, so can see more broadly.

Optimization button in the Lobby

  • Gamers can now open jump Arena official website of Valor with open cup-shaped buttons at the bottom of the lobby.
  • The location of the Backpack is also moved to the row of the left menu.
  • There are menu items divided into Equipment and Talent.

Optimization Of Ranked Match

  • The addition of the notification features about the remainder of the duration of the season ranked. When the season coming to an end and the rank will be reset, lobby Ranked Match will display the remaining time.
  • And there is also a picture of a reminder every login.
  • The addition of the mission is to raise the rank. After completing the mission reward ranked in the following match, gamers can also participate in the Mission of raising the rank to get an additional reward as hero and skin.
  • Optimize your time in showing the Rank of Season, now gamers can see the rest of the duration of the Season right up to a matter of hours.
  • Optimize the search page a friend in the match. To avoid gamers with high rank doing the cheating, as high search rank on friends, no longer can see the preparation of gamers that are within one match of the same.
  • Optimizing features Ban/Pick, where gamers can not see the name of the opposing gamers step Ban/Pick.
  • Optimize the experience team when doing Tire/Pick where gamers who Pick will not match the order of gamers again.
  • Optimizing the requirements in Brave Points. Previously, the rank will be lowered when the brave points reach 0.
  • In the new version, each rank has a certain boundaries at least Brave Points are different.

Friends Search Optimization

  • Invite a friend feature additions match before. In the room are looking for friends, gamers can invite gamers who found in the previous match (whether gamers teammates or opponents).
  • Addition features the preparation while forming the team. When merged into the team, gamers can choose to "not ready". That way, the owner of the room can not choose to start the match.


  • Update on the preparation page match by displaying the hero and rank in the look more interesting.
  • Display optimization comparison final results match.


  • Optimizing feature favourite hero page showing all hero ever used (previously only displays the top 10 hero).
  • And when the use of the hero more than 20 match, then it could be the hero win ratio share to friends through social media.

New Features

  • Add additional items 2 sets of recommendations. Currently every hero can have 3 sets of recommendations for items to be used according to the required conditions.
  • Gamers can also make modification of the content of the items in each set.
  • Add shipping gift to a friend in the shop. Gamers can purchase then send the skin to a friend as a gift.
  • Add gender information in the Player Info page is displayed next to your username.
  • Add a live stream. You can do a live stream to online platforms such as Facebook and Garena (only for type smartphone with high specification).
  • Add the stats of each end of the match. The system will show performance (only for type smartphone with high specs), and gamers can share these results on platforms such as Facebook and others.

Other Adjustments

  • Add Lucky Points in Roulette.
  • Every time after the play Roulette will add Lucky Points. The higher the Lucky Points, more likely to get rare items.
  • When Lucky Points already full, then playing roulette probability for rare items will be great.
  • Add features for gamers who have long not play plays back again and AOV.
  • For gamers who don't play the game for a while, back when logged in will be able to get the reward.
  • Optimize menu chat invitation. When sending an invitation, inviting gamers can set requirements for rank and level.
  • And for gamers who receive invitations, could first check out their information within the team such as gamers level, rank, role, win ratios and other information.
  • Optimize the features of mailbox, where gamers can delete all the messages at once.
  • Add themes in the game according to a certain feast days, such as the theme for the celebration of the winter.
  • Optimize regulations in penalizing gamers are feeder.
  • The system has been added a more complicated calculation way, so that when there are gamers who acted feeder, the system could detect accurately.
  • Add features like after completion of the match. When gamers want to appreciate the performance of a gamers, then can give you like.
  • Optimize opening the browser in Android gaming in particular, so that it can increase the speed of opening web pages through the game.

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