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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Turret Destroyed All! It's How to Make Epic Comeback in Mobile Legends

If we play Mobile Legends, we must have done what it is called Happy Defense. Happy Defense is a term in which our team must make a total defense because it must clean up the incoming minions when our turrets are all destroyed.

Well, for that this time BGamezblog will give tips on how to make a comeback if it happens.

5 Tips on Conducting Epic Comeback in Mobile Legends

1. Do not Give Up and Must Compact

If we've lost the turret everything, we have to keep the spirit in the game. Do not despair because all things can happen and compactness is necessary to achieve that victory.

2. Avoiding Open War Out of Turret Range

Often the enemy will try to attack us. However, our duty here should not be hooked by enemies that are beyond the reach of the turret as it will only create an open war that will be difficult for us to win. War on the turret range can be an option because one of the enemy heroes will surely hit hit turret that allows us to gain victory.

3. Do not Go Forward

This is very unlawful done if we are already running Happy Defense. This is because we will be seen in the enemy map when we try to clean the minion alone far enough from the last turret. It makes the enemy will quickly do the gang against the hero and it will be more difficult for us to make a comeback.

4. Make War in Lord If Enemy Attacks Lord

If the Lord had appeared, most likely the enemy would immediately attack the Lord. We can do war directly on Lord with all the players that are on our team. With the war, we will live and die, where if we win in the war we will win the game. However, if lost, certainly make us lose also in the game.

5. Waiting for the Right Moment

The last way you can do is wait for the right moment to attack. This can be done when the enemy has many who use his Ultimate skills but not on target. With that, we can directly attack with all the skills we have. Saving Ultimate skill can be done to make Ultimate enemy skill out first so that we can win the war easily.

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