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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Vainglory 5 vs 5! 5 new things this potentially Create Better Vainglory of MOBA is another Analog!

Official! Developer Vainglory has announced if on December 17, later they will bring new modes, namely Vainglory 5 vs 5.

At an event held in the area of SCBD, Jakarta on 5 December 2017 yesterday, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) as the developer of Vainglory finally announced had been awaited with fans.

Not only is the new fashion Vainglory 5 vs. 5, Super Evil Megacorp (SEMC) also to highlight 5 new things that will be embedded in the major update Vainglory later on. What's it? The following new features refer to the yuk!

1. The graphics are more polished

There has been the emergence of early Vainglory display graphics are above average to the players!

His prowess that it felt could not be defeated by MOBA other Android apps available in stores as well as iOS. That is because the Vainglory of using their own artificial engine which is claimed to best in the world.

In Vainglory 5 vs. 5, the player will be presented with graphics that is said to be great. In fact, the game is claimed to use as many as 3 million polygon.

Polygon itself can be described as a field-side lots that make up each object in that game. The more the polygon, it certainly will be more "real" too graphic!

Moreover, players will see a different asset compared to mode 3 vs 3. So, 5 vs. 5 Vainglory is the more curious for the eagerly anticipated.

2. the first mobile Game that runs up to 120 fps

Game hosts SEMC has also become the first game can offer frame rate of 120 fps. Currently, mobile gaming in General between 30-60 fps.

However, Vainglory has showed with Razer Phone that is capable of running the game with very good at 120 fps. That way, the player will gain experience claimed far more maximum!

Vainglory a master race?

3. Controls that not only tap?

Vainglory is MOBA mobile games up to now still refer to tap control system in moving the unit in it. For devoted players, these controls are far better than use virtual analog. Agree?

In Vainglory 5 vs 5 later, SEMC will be doing a significant change toward a control player.

Later, the player can perform not only the Vainglory of tap, but also can take advantage of gesture hold and slide. So, you can later run a character with tap, hold, or slide.

These controls are claimed by the SEMC is more accurate and has a higher response rate.

4. All of the hero in it unique and ' new '

Well, another advantage of Vainglory is a hero so unique, ranging from skill and design of the hero itself. So far, the hero in Vainglory is indeed nothing impressed follow hero of MOBA mobile games more.

It is certainly different from the reality we see other mobile game from MOBA. Many similar hero, even provided with a skill which is also similar to! The advantages of this game make it into Vainglory that gives experience truly unique and new.

5. Can be played on all devices?

Vainglory 5 vs 5 does offer graphics that craze. Even one of the obstacles faced until now is, the device requires Vainglory is high enough so that its specifications can be played smoothly.

However, Taewon Yun, as General Manager of Publishing said that it now continues to develop so that the game can run well on any kind of device.

"We want everyone to be able to play the Vainglory. Thus, to this day we continue to develop so that the game can be played across devices, "he said.

Hopefully, speech Yun manifested, so the more people who can play the Vainglory!

That's him 5 advantages of Vainglory 5 vs. 5 that could revive back Vainglory as MOBA mobile games.

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