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Saturday, January 13, 2018

3 Hero Mobile Legends Most Difficult to Use, Newbies Disallow!

One of the uniqueness of Mobile Legends game is every hero inside has different difficulty level. There are heroes that are easy to play, but some are very difficult to play especially by beginners.

But a hero who has a high difficulty level usually has its own advantages. If you are able to control the hero, you will be better guaranteed.

Well, for you who are beginners, it is not advisable to use heroes with a high degree of difficulty in the Mode. If it is still desperate, you might lose because it can not control the hero well.

And the following 3 heroes in Mobile Legends with a high level of difficulty. Who are they? Check out the reviews below.

3 Hero Mobile Legends Most Difficult to Use, Newbies Disallow!

1. Fanny

It is common knowledge among players of Mobile Legends that Fanny is the most difficult hero to control. This type of Assassin Hero has 100 difficulty points. This makes it the hardest hero to play.

The reason that makes Fanny so hard to play lies in his Steel Cable skill. This skill allows Fanny to fly by using a waist strap.

In addition can be used to move places, you can also use it to attack the opponent. But be careful, if you are not smart enough to use it, this skill can be a boomerang for you.

Instead of wiping out your opponent, this skill can even bring you to the opponent's hero. That's what makes Fanny so hard to use.

For those of you who want to use Fanny, it's good to read the tips and tricks how to use Fanny in Mobile Legends. In order for your game to get better.

2. Kagura

Kagura has a difficulty level of 88 points. With such high numbers, Kagura is the hero with the highest difficulty level after Fanny.

Hero Mage armed umbrella has Ying Yang Overturn skill that is often wasted in vain. That's because of the difficulty of controlling Kagura in the game.

3. Hayabusa

The next Hero which is also very difficult to play is Hayabusa. With a difficulty level of 82 points, not haphazard people can use Hayabusa well.

Hayabusa has a skill called Shadow Kill. With this skill, he is able to move from where he stands to the four directions. But rarely can anyone use this skill maximally.

And if it can be mastered, Shadow Kill skill can be used to kill the enemy without being touched. After the enemy was defeated, Hayabusa stayed blurred using this skill.

But this skill can not be used indiscriminately. Need skill and high flying hours.

The 3 heroes in Mobile Legends are very difficult to use, especially by the beginners. Therefore if you are a beginner, do not use 3 heroes above on the Fashion Mode.

Use 3 heroes above only in VS AI mode. So all the practice.

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