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Thursday, January 4, 2018

5 Common Player Errors When Buying Items For Hero in Mobile Legends


When purchasing an item for your hero in Mobile Legends, do not make the following common mistake!

So many items are available in Mobile Legends with different effects that make hero holders stronger. Starting from strengthening the physical attack to add max HP. Buying any item can not be arbitrary because it will be very influential with the performance of your heroes in the game. But the players still make common mistakes when buying the following items.

1. Too Focus On Default Gear Scheme

Setting a hero build not only follows the default gear scheme, but also sees the potential hero and role that will be played in the game. Unfortunately, there are still many players who are too focused on following the default gear scheme without changing any of the items; For example using Zilong who provide recommendations Corrosive Scythe in the default gear when the item is less useful for him.

2. Less Understand About Conditional Items

Under certain conditions, there are times when items that have been arranged in such a way are not suitable to fight enemies in the game. Therefore, players must be able to understand the function of each item and change some recommended build with conditional items; For example the enemy has Estes but in your build there is no Deadly Blade or Necklace of Durance, then change one of your items with the item depending on your hero type. Unfortunately there are still many who do not understand and stick with the recommendation items.

3. Forcing Unsuitable Role Items

Maybe you often see some heroes like Nana make items like hero marksman. It is not wrong if the situation is pressed and your team needs a hero that can replace the role of marksman. But that does not mean in every game you make the item yes! Adjust the conditions in the team and do not force buy items that do not match the role.

4. Only Following Emerging Items

While in the game, it often appears that recommendation items can be purchased when your gold is sufficient. Usually players will make one item first before purchasing another item. But most players will come from buying items that appear without knowing the item will be what will be.

5. Forcing Expensive Items in Early Game

The most common and often fatal mistake is to force expensive items early in the game like Blade of Despair for dealer damage or Blood Wings for hero mage. This will certainly hurt you because it will take a long time farming and before the item so you will lose quite a lot considering the potential for your hero to be bad because the item is not so.

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