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Sunday, January 14, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends That Can Trim Turtle Quickly

In Mobile Legends we know the name Turtle. Turtle is a turtle-shaped monsters in the middle of the battle arena.

Every time we successfully kill Turtle, we will get gold and also exp pretty much. The amount is more than finish off creep in the forest.

But, Turtle is quite tough. Has a lot of HP. We have to gang up on Turtle if we want to finish it off easily.

But there are some heroes in Mobile Legends who can defeat Turtle quickly. Who are they?

5 Hero Mobile Legends That Can Trim Turtle Quickly

1. Layla

Layla has 2 main advantages that can make it finish off the Turtle quickly, ie high attack speed and damage.

The two main advantages are the excellent capital for Layla. With a blend of great attack and high attack speed, you can finish the Turtle quickly.

If you've entered the late gamme, you can even finish off Turtle without spending any skill at all.

Not only can finish off Turtle, Layla can also destroy tower quickly too.

2. Karrie

In addition to Layla, Karrie is also one of the heroes who have a high attack speed. Even Karrie has a faster attack speed than Layla.

Even as long as you know, this Karrie is the hero with the fastest attack on Mobile Legends. Cool, right? Not just relying on attack speed alone, Karrie damage is also quite large.

That way, when using Karrie, you can finish the Turtle very quickly. Even when alone.

3. Roger

The next Hero Mobile Legends that can finish the Turtle quickly is of course Roger. When in wolf mode, Roger will have a very large attack.

Well, if your skill changes are open, then you can use it to finish the Turtle alone. Moreover, Roger equipped with immune skills, which makes it immune in a while.

Taking care of Turtle quickly is no longer a difficult thing. For Roger that you use even more frightening, you can read the Roger Mobile Legends Guide.

4. Zilong

If Zilong is no doubt. In the team, he is often used as a hero push tower. If to finish off Turtle, small business for Zilong.

Especially with the additional skill ulti, Zilong damage can increase significantly.

For you who want to use Zilong with the maximum can read the tips and tricks in Androbuntu.

5. Karina

Still with the Assassin hero, that is Karina. You can use Karina to finish the Turtle by yourself quickly.

Karina has considerable damage, especially if you combine it with spell retribution. Turtle is getting easier.

Well, that's her 5th hero in Mobile Legends that can finish Tutrtle quickly by herself. By eliminating Turtle, you will get exp and also enough gold.

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