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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Do This 5 Things If Your Friends AFK In Mobile Legends

Getting one of AFK's friends while the game is underway is a frightening specter in Mobile Legends. With the release of one friend from the game, then the game is not balanced.

You are now only 4 people, while the enemy is 5 people. Of course the match would be very unfair.

Usually the team will get messed up if one of its members is AFK. Usually the game gets messed up.

Well, if someday when you're playing Mobile Legends and there's your teammates who are AFK, do not panic. You can do 5 things below.

Do This 5 Things If Your Friends AFK In Mobile Legends

When your friends are AFK, do not panic. You can play with the maximum, so you and the team can still win the game even with only 4 people.

You also have to pay more attention to minimap, more compact with the team, understand their respective roles, and jungling with teammates. Here's a more complete explanation:

1. Keep Playing With Max

One of the players' mistakes when finding one of their AFK team mates is, they will give up and lazy to play. And with the release of one friend, the game can still continue and you still have a chance to win.

Keep playing with the maximum. That is the first thing you should do if there is one friend who is AFK.

By playing the maximum as usual, you can balance the opposing team. Just play as usual, as if nothing.

2. Pay attention to Minimap

When there is one friend who is AFK, the game certainly does not equal. You become 4 people who have to fight 5 people.

In these conditions, you should pay more attention to the minimap. Pay attention to your friend's position and your turret security.

That way you will not miss it. If there are friends who need help, come immediately. If there is a turret being attacked, go immediately.

3. More Compact Again

Because Mobile Legends is a MOBA game that requires good teamwork, then you should be more compact when there is one friend who is AFK.

With more compact, then you can destroy the opponent's defense even if only 4. The point is not to give up just because 1 person AFK.

4. Understand the Role of Each Hero

The 4th is also very important. You and other friends should be more familiar with the role of each hero.

The tanker must withstand every attack of the enemy and be a good initiator. So also with the Fighter, must be able to push to the opponent lane optimally.

Who uses Support hero must also use his skill-skills well, to support his friends the other. By understanding the role of each hero, then your team can achieve victory.

5. Jungling with Other Team Members

When your friend AFK at the beginning of the game, it will be even more difficult. Because all the hero teams are still at a low level.

My advice when you find yourself left behind is one of the team players, do jungling together. This way your team can jungling with a short time.

You and your friends can finally level up faster.

As a bonus, there is one more thing you should do, ie report your friend who was AFK. Report AFK players can be done after the game is over.

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