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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Dungeon Hunter: Champion, Hybrid MOBA with Action RPG!

Dungeon Hunter: Champion is already entering the early access phase in the Play Store, check out the DG editorial team here!

Year 2017 yesterday could be considered a golden year for the games with the genre MOBA. Starting from Dota 2 is a scene among gamers as MOBA PC is always a favorite, followed by Mobile Legends which is also booming as a MOBA Mobile game.

The popularity of MOBA among gamers is not without cause. The combination of strategy and fast action became one of the causes that make MOBA a favorite of gamers. Plus multiplayer gameplay makes this game become more exciting, making the players can interact and compete with fellow players.

Seeing the opportunity many developers and game publishers do not want to lose. After Mobile Legends first published and booming in Indonesia, Garena also released a mobile MOBA titled Mobile Arena (which changed the name so Arena of Valor). Not only that, in early 2018, Gameloft did not want to lose and also released a slightly different mobile MOBA.

This game is titled Dungeon Hunter: Champion (DHC) a game that claims to be a MOBA game with spice Action RPG. This game itself is still closed beta so the game is still limited with some features are still locked, can not be enjoyed.


Okay, let's talk about graphics first. If you've been playing mobile games for a long time, you've got to be very familiar with Gameloft as a game developer. This reputable developer always delivers the best content for mobile gamers, especially from graphics.

So if it's about graphics, you do not need to be too dubious about DHC graphics. Using 3-dimensional cartoon graphics, the effects of skill are well-described and balanced, remain excited on one side but also not too crowded on the other, so what your character does is still visible. Speaking of image details, as a cartoon graphic, the details provided are sufficient.

The shape of the human character here appears smooth with detailed armor and armor good enough. Unfortunately this good graphics to be a bit lacking, which makes the game so fairly heavy. When played on HP with Snapdragon 625 processor, DHC runs pretty smoothly but not within 60fps.

If you've often played mobile games, you certainly already know the intent of RPG action games is not it? Like most RPG action games on the mobile, you will be taken from one mission to another mission, one dungeon to another dungeon to gain level, gold and equipment.

In every mission you can carry up to 5 characters to fight against the enemies or bosses that are in front of you. There are also elemental mechanisms in DHC, so if you want to more easily complete a dungeon it is better if you use one particular element.

Also like most auto gaming features are also available if you want to farming level, gold, equip, or hero to serve as the evolution of your flagship character. Want to enjoy playing? With analog-style controls that you all know, you can control your hero to defeat the evil forces that want to destroy the world. Simply put, the action RPG DHC is arguably similar to Marvel Future Fight if you ever play.

Then where is the MOBA?

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, this game is still in beta or trial stage. Not all features are available in the game, and in DHC features not yet available temporarily this is a multiplayer or MOBA element feature of this game.

It also makes the DG editorial team so curious, will the element system still apply to multiplayer features? Is the number of hero that can be played in multiplayer game to match the hero you already have through single player campaign. While there is no further information regarding the shape of the existing multiplayer mode.

Blessed official release date, Gameloft itself has not been opened more details. At least during this beta period, DHC is already present in the Play Store and you can play it right away. Yes there are a few bugs there and here, but naturally because it is still in beta status.

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