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Monday, January 1, 2018

Lazy Learning Hero Difficult? Try the Five Hero Meta Mobile Legends that are Easy to Master!

Talking about the meta hero in Mobile Legends is certainly endless. Because so many meta hero that can be used with various strategies. Some of these meta heroes are mostly difficult heroes like Kagura, Fanny or Harley. But there are also other meta heroes that are quite easy to use without having to study it for long. Who are the heroes? Check out more below.

1. Cyclops

As a hero mage, Cyclops is one of the easiest to use. He has high magic damage and is able to escape from the enemy's pursuit easily using his Planets Attack. Cyclops is also very suitable to be a ganker with a combination of Star Power Lockdown> Planets Attack> Stardust Shock. By doing such a combination into a hero alone, he will surely die quickly.

2. Grock

Although impressed difficult, Grock is actually quite easy to learn and very exciting when played. He is able to generate high damage and control effects well enough from his ultimate skills. Not only that, you also just learn how to close the road with the Guardian's Barrier so that the enemy will have trouble chasing the hero of a dying friend or isolating the enemy from his flock.

3. Akai

Lately, Akai's popularity has been higher among players due to not only high damage and good control effect, but also because he is quite easy to use. The easiest when using Akai is to use the Thousand Pound and then Hurricane Dance towards the enemy and push it near the wall. Finally, let your friend's hero finish the enemy that is already helpless.

4. Odette

Although statistically Odette fairly difficult, in fact this one mage hero is not as difficult as imagined. All of his skills have an excellent control effect so it will greatly help teammates. Not to mention his Swan Song has a large area and is perfect for helping hero initiators like Gatotkaca or Akai friends.

5. Zhask

If you think Zhask is a difficult hero, maybe you do not know the tricks of the hero with these 4 skills. How to play Zhask easy enough that put the turret somewhat forward but do not get too close to the enemy then let the turret beat the minion. If your turret is almost dead, position it near you and use skill 2. If your ultimate is ready, put the turret in front and use the ultimate as well as discard all your skills except to call the turret.

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