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Friday, January 12, 2018

Leak Next Update, Skin in Arena of Valor Will Add Bonus!?

The skin used by heroes at the Arena of Valor will add bonuses later! What kind of bonus do you get from used skins?

Skin in Arena of Valor will add bonus? Yup! In the information uploaded by the Arena of Valor channel on the Youtube page, the skins used by heroes in the Arena of Valor will add bonuses but not the attribute stats before the match, but in the form of the gold earned after the game is over.

Gold that gets extra is not gold in the game that serves to buy items, but gold from your game account. Gold from the account later you can use to buy Arcana and hero in the shop. With the addition of the amount of gold obtained when using the skin, of course, the faster the amount of gold in your account.

'But in a day is limited to the maximum gold earned?' Well, there is another information from the video titled "New Patch Highlights" that relates to this. Later maximum daily gold will be removed and replaced with maximum weekly gold! With this change, gamers can maximize their gold raihan on a more free day (weekend or holiday) when not able to play on busy days.

Back to the skin that added gold, the plan of this addition will be done for all skins. Whether it's skin rare, epic, legend, all get the same extra gold every time you finish playing. How about a skin trial? Equally, the use of skin from trial card will also add gold earned every time you finish playing.

You need to know, this update is planned to be present in January for regional Europe, US / Canada and Latin America. Unfortunately, for server Indonesia there is no more information about this update. But of course it will be very interesting if the amount of gold earned after playing so multiply right?

Leaked update Arena of Valor:
  • Adjustment interface for iphone X
  • Change of gold-cap
  • Added gold from skin
  • Newest avatar frame
  • Optimization of user interface

More can you see through the following video:

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