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Monday, February 12, 2018

Build Alucard Mobile Legends: Earn Savage With Ease

Alucard is one of the old heroes in Mobile Legends. But still popular until now. Many still use it for the Map. Whether it's a beginner or a pro.

If you are one of Alucard fans, then you must read the panduuan and tips trick how to use this Alucard. Follow the Alucard build below so you can win. Savage is no longer a fantasy.

Build the Strongest Mobile Legends Alucard That You Must Try

At Build Alucard Mobile Legends, we will focus on Alucard's ability as a bloodsucking hero capable of killing opponents quickly.

Here are 6 items you must purchase when using Alucard in Mobile Legends:

1. Haas's Claws: This item will help you to suck your opponent's HP until it dies. Haas's Claws will also help you to survive longer, not easily killed.

2. Warrior Boots: Since Build Alucard this time focuses on Alucard's ability to suck blood, I do not recommend buying Swift Boots. Instead, Warrior Boots is the best choice for Alucard in this build. With this shoe item, you can be tougher and fight without needing to escape.

3. Bloodlust Ax: There are two effects you can get if you buy this item, and both effects will be very useful in the battle. The first effect, Bloodlust Ax will increase your lifesteal when you use the skill. Second, this item will reduce the cooldown, so you can spam the skill.

4. Blade of Despair: We all know what the function of this item, which is to increase the damage and attack speed Alucard.

5. Malefic Road: The fifth item you must buy when using Alucard is Malefic Roar. This item will increase the penetration of armor. It is ideal for fighting heroes with thin armor.

6. Immortality: Well, the last item is also very important. That is Immortality. This item will make Alucard a horrible bloodsucker.

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