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Friday, February 23, 2018

Know 5 New Mobile Hero Legends, Which is Best?

One of the hallmarks of the MOBA genre game is the number of heroes that can be played. There are so many heroes that can be used in MOBA games, including Mobile Legends.

But despite having a large collection of heroes, Moonton regularly releases new heroes. Here are 5 new and best heroes in Mobile Legends.

5 Best New Hero In Mobile Legends

1. Jawhead

Jawhead is the one who controls a stocky robot. Jawhead is a Tanker hero strong enough to dispel all opponent attacks.

Jawhead has the ultimate skill to attack one opponent with a very large attack.

But although it's tempting enough to use, Jawhead is pretty hard to use. So you have to practice first in VS AI Mode.

2. Lesley

If this Lesley is a Marksman hero. Just like Marksman's hero in general, Lesley is a distinguished hero expert at long distances.

You can buy Lesley for 32,000 battle points. Quite expensive indeed, but will not disappoint.

Overall, Lesley can be played smoothly without the need to deepen it specifically because it is not too difficult.

3. Gossen

Gossen managed to attract the attention of Mobile Legends lovers since the first appearance. In appearance, Gossen is quite perfect and handsome.

Gossen belongs to the Assassin ranks and uses the dagger as his weapon.

But it's good you try to play Gossen in VS AI mode first because hero this one is quite difficult to use.

4. Fasha

Fasha is a new hero in Mobile Legends with a considerable range of attacks. Burst damage is also quite large.

And no less important is, Fasha has a very good escape mechanism.

Fasha has an ultimate skill called Feathered Air Strike. Fasha will fly up and bombard the enemy with an area attack. Damage generated is very large, that is equal to 700 points.

5. Angela

The new Hero with a doll completes the Support line in Mobile Legends. As a Support hero, Angela comes with a variety of skills that help her team members.

With his passive Smart Heart skill, Angela's motion speed will increase by 30% each time the skill is released.

Skill 1 Angela named Love Waves, with this skill Angela can send lover's mark to the target hero. The resulting damage will increase by 20%.


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