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Thursday, March 1, 2018

5 Ways Counter Lesley in Mobile Legends!

One of the heresies marksman in Mobile Legends is Lesley considered too strong? Follow the following Lesley counter tips and make him helpless!

Lately, Mobile Legends players are increasingly using Lesley. High damage thanks to passive skill and active make Lesley quite deadly. He can also kill off a dying enemy with his Ultimate Snipe from any distance as long as it is locked. Although impressed so strong, in fact Lesley quite easy to face. Here are tips to make Lesley helpless in the game.

1. Use a Hero that has a Area

His Master of Camouflage provides an added movement speed and makes him appear to disappear. Lesley can not be targeted with the target skill but can still be injured with the skill area. Choose heroes with area skills like Lancelot, Johnson, or Alucard.

2. Ultimate Lesley's Sace While Looking For a Dying Friend

Ultimate Snipe's ultimate ultimate skill will make it shoot 4 deadly bullets from any distance after the target. The dying heroes will certainly die if it's locked. But if your hero still has a thick HP and your dying partner is targeted, block the track with your hero and the problem is over.

3. Buy Demon's Advent

Although Lesley has high damage, it can still be solved by buying one of the most powerful defense items of Demon's Advent. With this item, Lesley will produce less damage to hero and will be less if Lesley hit many times.

4. Use Hero With High Mobility

Although agile and disappearing when using Master of Camouflage, Lesley can still be resisted by using heroes who also have high mobility like Harley or Chou. In this way, Lesley will find it difficult to escape.

5. Use Battle Spell Aegis

Lesley somewhat rely on one-shot damage compared to attack speed. This is certainly very easy to overcome by using Aegis battle spells that block 4 basic attacks.

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