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Sunday, March 11, 2018

7 Best and Best RPG Games 2018

The year 2018 starts with a surprise in the gaming market with the rise of Battle Royale fashion games. Even so, RPG games do not want to lose. They also released the latest games.

This year every RPG game is very serious in its making. The average is made very complex and detailed. Check out the following reviews.

The 7 Best and Best RPG Games That You Can Download in 2018

1. Destiny6

Netmarble is trying to re-market the RPG game by releasing their latest game Destiny6. Instead of bringing a superpower RPG game, Destiny6 comes with a funny character display.

Although with a cutesy look, Destiny6 managed to amaze with a very interesting gameplay, coupled with the elements of your strategy will adventure with three characters at once. You will walk through a variety of dungeons while fighting enemies with a variety of skills.

2. Dawnbringer

Developers who are also quite famous Kiloo in 2018 is also trying to bring their latest RPG game, Dawnbringer. Here not only RPG, but you will also be treated to an amazing adventure.

With modern 3D graphics, Dawnbringer manages to create highly epic RPG games. You will use the hero character complete with weapons to conquer the giant monsters.


Want RPGs with other beautiful graphics, this time there is a new AIIA game that will make you stunned with various animation effects. With Unreal Engine 4, CLGamez managed to bring the game is so stunning.

Of course here you will use a knight character with several different roles. Your job is to adventure, fight enemies, and make your hero become stronger.

4. Final Contract: Legacy of War

If you are looking for an RPG game with anime-style graphics, Final Contract: Legacy of War is the right reference. By taking a flat perspective like 2D, this game is able to display simple but stunning gameplay.

Here you can get some kind of hero that can be used in game with various job. You are also required to set up an attack strategy against enemies in every level.

5. Ouroboros Project

RPG with 3D Anime-style graphics, Ouroboros Project will be a game that will make you happy. This game has a very wide map with a look like urban.

The fight mode used in this game is turn based where you will attack in turn. Surely the cleverness of players to cultivate strategy is the key in the game.

6. Kingdoms of Warlord

RPG with a classic style that uses the background of ancient warfare in China. Kingdoms of Warlord will take you on a very interesting RPG to play.

With a 2D perspective you will use the hero in a game that you can build becomes stronger. The fight in it uses a turn-based mode where the strategy will be completely drained in every player's mind.

7. Iron Blade: Monster Hunter RPG

Gameloft never disappoints fans. This time they re-released an amazing game RPG titled Iron Blade: Monster Hunter RPG. If you've ever played a game like God of War on a console, this game will definitely make you nostalgic.

You will use the character of a knight to adventure in a fairly complex story. Later the devils and monsters will block you on every journey. And you can also strengthen your knights by changing weapons and pairing armor.

credit: jalantikus

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