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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Not yet Released, Final Fantasy XV Series: Windows Edition Already Broke!

The group of 3DM hackers from China came back! Now Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition can be disabled before the release time!

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition becomes the most awaited video game by PC users today. After releasing the demo version first, Square Enix plans the video game coming soon on March 7, 2018. But recently the fate of Nahas overwrite Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. Because three days before the release, the video game has been hacked by hackers. As a result pirated versions of video games are now widely circulated in various file sharing sites.

The incident was a hacker from China named 3DM who has managed to create a nightmare for Square Enix. Quoted from NeoGaf, this hacking action is actually simple because it does not require special techniques to pass the Denuvo. 3DM only uses the .exe file from the demo version of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition to open pre-loaded files in Origins.

Not only that, Square Enix was mentioned as the developer of "brave" because mention did not use Denuvo anti-tamper system for Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. But soon labeled with the nickname, Square Enix finally decided to use Denuvo for video game. As a result, although it has been said to use Denuvo security system, in fact the video game was successfully penetrated by the hackers from China.

The success of 3DM is surely proof that this Chinese hacker group managed to paralyze Square Enix in the Final Fantasy XV video game: Windows Edition before its release date. It also proves that 3DM is still a powerful hacker group that re-emerged among other hacking groups.

As we know, many things Square Enix does to improve Final Fantasy XV. In Final Fantasy XV video games: Windows Edition players can feel the thrill of a truly linear game into Open World, there is a daytime nighttime change system, turn-based combat system becomes action-packed, extensive map exploration, additional features (as well as mini games) such as taking pictures or fishing.

Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition itself can be officially owned on Steam, Origins, and Windows Store services priced at around Rp700 thousand.

Main image source: DuniaGames

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