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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

3 Tips on Playing Arena of Valor For Beginners

For those of you who may have tired of playing Mobile Legends games and want to try another game with the same genre of MOBA genre then you can try this one game, Arena Of Valor or commonly abbreviated AOV.

Currently, the positions Arena Of Valor and Mobile Legends are doing a pretty tight competition in the mobile MOBA game industry in smartphones. Well, if you want to try to play this game, then you can follow the tips that the author will give below.

1. Master 1 Hero

To start playing games with this MOBA genre it's good for you to master 1 hero first. It may sound easy, but it turns out to be quite important. By mastering deeply 1 piece of hero, then you can play it reliably.

2. Prepare For More Aggressive Playing

Playing aggressively does not mean you play origin and only attack the enemy without calculation, no. The point is you must be able to attack the enemy at the right time.

3. Utilizing Lane With Max

In playing MOBA games of course every hero has their own roles and duties. For example, do not force hero carry to stay in the midlane and maintain the tower, because it can hamper the development of this hero carry.

Then there is the langle, this lane is perfect for you to use as the escape path of enemy attack.

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