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Monday, April 30, 2018

5 Most Expensive Skin Hero in Mobile Legends

Like other online games, Mobile Legends also offers customization of the row of heroes used when playing gamers.

Although only limited to skin, which must look more cool looking hero. In addition, some of these skins also have the ability to increase the stats hero.

Present upgrades and make your hero look look more cool, in fact the skin is not easy to obtain.

Instead of curious, here is a complete list of the most expensive skins you can buy in Mobile Legends games.

1. Miya - Modena Butterfly

Of the six skin Miya have, Modena Butterfly is the most expensive in Mobile Legends.

Not only that, this skin is also quite difficult to obtain. To have it, players must redeem the magic crystal gained from turning the magic wheel.

You who want to try their luck must be willing to use more than 16.000 diamond. This skin also comes with voice over, animated skill, and respawn that looks different from before.

2. Saber - Codename Storm

Codename Storm is the second most expensive skin in the game after Modena Butterfly.

Like Modena Butterfly skin, you who want to get it must test the fortune in the magic wheel again. Here, you have to pay 60 diamonds per one round.

However, because it is almost impossible to get it in a single round, some lovers of this game is willing to spend about 12,000 diamonds.

3. Bane - Count Dracula

In order to welcome Halloween, Bane looks more frightening with this dracula-themed skin.

Not only change the appearance of Bane, this skin also makes special effects of Bane skill looks different.

Although not as expensive as two skins before, to get it you pay for 1,089 diamonds.

4. Rafaela - Flower Fairy

Like Bane who comes with a new skin when Halloween, Moonton presents a skin for Rafaela this coincides with Easter Day.

In the game, thematic skins for Rafaela can be bought for 899 diamonds.

5. Zilong - General Glorius

This is a favorite skin for Zilong fans. Not only change the appearance, Zilong skin also has a change in the impact skill inside.

If it activates its ultimate skill, it will show a dragon from Zilong. In addition to his ultimate skills changed appearance, skill 1 and 2 belonging to Zilong also looks 'sparkle' and remove the splinters of light.

This skin can you get by buying it for 899 diamonds.

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