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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

5 Reasons Why Mobile Legends Is Very Popular

Who is not familiar with Mobile Legends games? The game is most famous for the number of players reaching millions around the world this makes it as the most popular MOBA game. In addition to Indonesia's own MOBA game type is one genre that most people love. Even some organizations have created an e-sports team in Indonesia that opens Mobile Legends division as one of their teams.

Quoted from dafunda.com this time we will give 5 Reasons Why Mobile Legends Can Be Same in Indonesia? . Instead you continue to be curious immediately wrote in the check below.

1. Can be Played on Smartphone Low-End / Spek Low

Mobile Legends is one of MOBA game with initial size reach 500 MB. But the update is done continuously to make the data in it becomes more and more. But still Mobile Legends game is still smoothly played in low-spec game.

2. Easy Control

Well the next reason is the reason you already know for sure. For a comfortable game should have an easy controller such as Mobile Legends. This game can be said to sell well in Indonesia because the easy controller makes it very easy to control.

3. Can Play With Friends

A good game must have multiplayer features. Well Mobile Legends itself has an online multiplayer feature that can be played together with a friend of course. For ML games alone you can play with 5 people to 10 in a game, and of course it will add to your excitement together.

4. Not a Game Pay To Win

Mobie Legends is a game that does not use Pay To Win system, where the rich will definitely win. However, some skins on ML can be purchased using real money, but it is not a requirement. In addition, this game only rely on skil players, not from accessories or the look of their hero. Even as expensive as any of their heroes if the skill possessed does not pile up still will lose.

5. Flexible

Behind the success of Nintendo Switch console can not be separated from the level of portability and flexibility. Knowing that, Mobile Legends uses a flexible feature where we can play the game whenever and wherever the advantages of ML rather than MOBA games like Dota 2 or LOL.

Source: Dafunda

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