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Friday, April 27, 2018

6 Tips on Playing PUBG Mobile in Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode is one of the latest game modes of PUBG Mobile. Unlike the Classic Mode of 100 people and the big map, Arcade Mode will only contain 28 people and very small maps and short game durations.

How to play PUBG Mobile in Arcade Mode tactically and be a winner? Here are some tips you can do:

1. Quick Falls or Lately?


Because the map is small and the number of players is quite a lot, the speed to plunge is a very important thing. Once you find the Jump button on the screen, please immediately jump and sharpen to the ground to gain additional speed. If you are the first to land. mastery of the battlefield would be better and could search for weapons faster and get ready.

2. Hunting Light Weapons Quickly


Done right down, you have to find weapons at lightning speed. Please search inside the building, house or place that PUGB Mobile usually uses to lay down weapons. Instantly choose your favorite weapon or can start from the weapons that are around. I personally always choose a combination of long-barreled weapons with great firepower and a powerful shotgun for combat in close range for a second weapon. How about you?

3. Change Guns, Shoot More Directional


Due to a very short battle, you are not advised to reload in the middle of a battle in Arcade Mode. Instantly replace it on the second weapon to fight the enemy that is in front of you and do a cartridge refill if it is completely safe. Also make sure to see more of the remaining bullets in your weapon before deciding to finish off the enemy.

The second tip for combat in Arcade Mode is to always make a directional shot. Namely in the head, badang or other top. Shooting an enemy in a vital part such as a foot or hand will make it faster aware that it is under attack and can battle longer.

4. Maximize Communication with Squad


If you play with other friends as Squad in Arcade Mode, be sure to communicate as closely as possible and play in team mode. Use the communication feature by turning on speakers and microphone and sharing weapons or objects found if needed. If you have a team playing more seriously, the use of weapons in each player can also be arranged and use some professional strategies.

5. Watch the Safe Zone!


From my experience of playing, the main task you have to do in Arcade Mode to be a winner is to defeat the attacking enemy and run into the safe zone every few minutes. Be sure to always move to a safe zone point and not focus too much on weapons search mode or anything else. Do not forget, the other players will also have the same need to run into the safe zone. So you have to remain cautious and alert at every opportunity to run.

6. Shelter or Hide Well


Want to take shelter inside the house? Make sure you check all the parts and feel safe from enemy attacks and close the door to make other enemies unsuspecting.

Want to take shelter outside the building? Make sure you find a place that is safe enough or disguised from a distance so that other players are not easy to find your position. It can be reversed by large stones, tall grass and some other things. Should avoid to hide behind trees or walls because it is more easily visible from another angle.

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