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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Deadly Combo! These 5 Best Duets in the Game

Now, we encounter many game games that have two characters in one game. These two characters have their respective duties. There is a full driven by the AI ​​or we can play the two characters in a way interchangeably.

Until now, we've been introduced to duets in the gaming world. Even some of them are considered the best duets in the game. Most of these duets have their own uniqueness. There are equally martial arts experts, there are work that bicker continues, and there is a position as a mentor and teacher.

The existence of the best duet in this game makes interested to discuss it one by one.

1. Booker DeWitt dan Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite

Booker was originally hired to bring Elizabeth to his client. At first, Booker thought more of it than Elizabeth wanted. Especially since he seems to be burdened with debt.

Even so, in the end Booker and Elizabeth became a solid duo who could face all the obstacles that confronted them. Starting from the troops of Zachary Comstock's Founder to the troops of Vox Populi.

2. Dante dan Nero - Devil May Cry 4

Which gamers do not know one of the worst characters in the world? Dante. This one character became one of the best in the history of action games or hack and slash created by Capcom. As the son of the demon king Sparda, Dante has maximum strength and tranquility, even when surrounded by many monsters.

This is what makes the Devil May Cry series go from series to series. But who would have thought, if in the series Devil May Cry 4, Dante will meet with other characters who became his duet partner, Nero. Although not having the intelligence, dexterity, and strength like Dante, Nero still deserve to be aligned.

The first time the two meet when Dante makes a riot in the Sanctus speech event that makes Nero fight with Dante. In two battles, Nero can be considered defeated. But specially in the second battle, Nero is really pressed and this is what ultimately makes him respect Dante.

After the two duet, we can see the craziest duet ever! You guys who have not tried this game are strongly advised to play it. But in this game Dante does not take a significant role because he gives Nero a chance to defeat Sanctus.

3. Joel dan Ellie - The Last of Us

In The Last of Us game, the relationship between Joel and Ellie is the same as father and son where Joel often gives Ellie a call. Joel also looks very affectionate to Ellie towards the end of the game. Relationships both look more intense and have an emotional change.

4. Bill Rizer and Lance Bean - Contra

For gamers who ever play classical console, surely you know dong war game nan this one? Yes, this game is a Contra game. In the past, this game is loved by gamers because of the level of excitement and can be said to have a massive gameplay. In addition, Contra is very exciting because it can be played in multiplayer.

5. Ken and Ryu - Street Fighter

Ryu and Ken beforehand often fought together, practicing with hinga famous in the world of martial Street Fighter. Even so cool, the pattern of the stance that is controlled by both the same even though his name is different. In Street Fighter, they often eradicate the evil fighters. The one they faced was Gouki Akuma.

For old gamers, there must be a duet between Ryu and Ken they never doubt. Because the duo is already very famous in the gaming world. Even some online sites include both names as the best duet in the game.

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