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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Evolution of the Look of 5 Hero Mobile Legends From Time To Time

Not only diligently adding new heroes, Moonton is also quite diligent to change the look of the heroes that have been there before. Some heroes that have been changed appearance include Alice, Clint, Akai, to Johnson. If you do not have time to follow their appearance changes, you can see the evolution below.

1. Alice

If you look at Alice's old design (right side) and the new design (left), there really is no significant change.

Both still share my similar bat. With a long cloth dangling on the back.

The difference lies in Alice's new head design. Seen there are two little horns that make it more cute.

2. Clint

Clint also did not escape the rework. Clint was originally a cowboy with two small pistols as his weapon.

But now, he uses a single gun. With a big shotgun on his back. This big gun is only he used at certain times only. That is when using ulti skill.

3. Bane

Bane is probably one of the most controversial rework that Moonton has done.

How not, Bane who was cool and looks like Davy Jones is now changed to like Mr. Krab, owner of Krusty Krab.

4. Akai

Akai, this cute porn-shaped hero also initially has a less attractive look.

But now, the design looks more cool. The posture looks more natural. No obesity and stiffness like the old days.

5. Johnson

Overall, Johnson was and is no different now. But in terms of coloring and detail, there are some differences. You can see for yourself the difference in the picture above.

Source: Ngonoo

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