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Friday, April 20, 2018

Here are 12 Hero that Suits Members of Avengers Mobile Legends Version

Avengers Movie: Inifinity War is about to air. Of course, Marvel superhero fans can not wait to watch the movie will be released in Indonesia on April 25, 2018.

The third film of the Avengers series will tell the story of the appearance of a creature named Thanos who wants to destroy half the life in the universe. In launching its mission, Thanos must first collect infinity stones in the planet earth.

Knowing Thanos's plan, of course the heroes who join in the Avengers do not remain silent. They tried to snatch Thanos to collect infinity stones and save lives in the universe.

Well if observed, it turns out members of Avengers also exist in the game Mobile Legends. If in AOV there are DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, Mobile Legends did not want to lose by presenting a Mobile Legends hero that looks like a member of Avengers.

Who are the members of Avengers Mobile Legends version? Here's the list!

Tigreal - Captain America

The first Mobile Legends version of Avengers is Tigreal. From her appearance, maybe you can already guess why this tank hero is worth juxtaposing with Captain America. Yup, that's because these two figures use a powerful shield in battle.

The story of the past both are fairly similar. Tigreal is said to be a knight who is always at the forefront of battle and never gives up to lose. Thanks to his courage, Tigreal was later awarded the title of War of Light as a sign of honor from the kingdom of light.

While Captain America or Steve Rogers is a former soldier who was never shy despite his skinny body. Until one day, Captain America became a guinea pig of a serum from Howard Stark. Who would have guessed, from the serum Steve Rogers turned into a mighty figure and now known as Captain America.

Grock - Hulk

Avengers Mobile Legends version next is Grock. In Avengers, Grock might replace Bruce Banner aka Hulk. Just look at the tall hero tank this one, big, strong, and green. Matches not with Hulk?

In the story of Mobile Legends, Grock comes from the legendary race in the Land of Dawn. In fact, the race is older than the Land of Dawn itself. This race is also known for its giant body and made of stone. As a result they can survive from all kinds of disasters.

However, because they feel safe, they are more hibernating with nature. Until one day, Grock, who was one of the creatures of the giant race, awakened in a fortress and realized that all his family had been lost. Grock was looking for who the owner of the ancient fortress that has long been abandoned it.

Miya - Hawk Eye

If in the Marvel world, you know the figure of a tough archer in Hawk Eye, then in Mobile Legends, the figure is in a beautiful Elf named Miya. Not strange, if Miya deserves to join members of Avengers Mobile Legends version.

Since childhood, Miya practiced in the temple of the moon until it became a great archer. In a battle against humanity and orc, Miya leads the Elves to protect the temple of the moon. Because of the defeat, the Elves were finally pushed. Until a miracle comes, in which the moon god endows Miya power on his bow and arrow.

Miya then went to rescue the elves who trapped in the temple of the moon while continuing to bombard the enemy with his star arrows.

Until now, Miya is known as the Mobile Legends hero with the power of the moonlight arrow.

Alpha - Iron Man

If you look at these two figures, you may find it difficult to find common ground. But if you know how Alpha and Iron Man past, then these two figures are really similar.

Alpha is a human being who became a guinea pig of a mad scientist from the laboratory of 1718. The mad scientist combines the human body with the material meteroloit as protective armor. From the experiment was born two man-made twins named Alpha and Beta.

However Alpha and Beta have a strong conscience so they refuse to become a killing machine and try to escape from the laboratory.

In his escape, Beta had to be seriously injured. Alpha asks for help from a great mechanic named Rooney to fix the remaining Beta fragments. Beta was re-made into a small plane that always helps and accompany Alpha.

Yes, maybe you could say Beta is Jarvis Iron Man version.

Natalia - Black Widow

Members of Avengers Mobile Legends version is Natalia. Assassin figure of this one can be spelled quite similar to Black Widow. Not just women, they can also attack the enemy from unexpected circumstances.

Natalia is known as hero assassin with unique skills. Because, Natalia can not be seen from the enemy's view for a few seconds. So even with Black Widow. As one of the famous spy agency, of course this beautiful figure should be able to disguise and not seemingly by the enemy.

Fanny - Spider-man

If there is the most agile and agile hero award in Mobile Legends, maybe the winner automatically is Fanny. Yup, one of the assassins in this Mobile Legends game has a movement that is difficult to be pursued by the enemy. The reason, Fanny can move from one place to another using a rope that is thrown into the wall.

Fanny's ability might remind you of Spider-Man. The spider man also uses tall buildings to swing his net from one place to another.

Angela - Loki

From the looks of it, these two figures are very much different. Angela is a beautiful robot made by a scientist named Doctor Gogh. Meanwhile, Loki is Odin's adoptive son who is known full of cunning.

However, there is one thing that makes Angela worth mentioning as a member of Avengers Mobile Legends version replaces Loki. The similarity is the ability of Angela to penetrate one's soul. Through his ultimate skills, Angela can get into the body of a team's hero and pull out his skills.

It is similar to Loki who can change form at will to be hero-hero in Marvel.

Roger - Black Panther

Can guess why Roger juxtaposed with King Wakanda? Yup because both can transform into a terrible beast.

Roger is a hero marksman who can transform into a wolf. When being a wolf, Roger automatically turned into an assassin who can kill anyone,

While T'chaka represents his father's ability to become a Black Panther. The transforming ability was done by T'chaka to protect Wakanda.

Diggie - Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a Marvel superhero that has infinity stone, the time stone. As the name suggests, time stones can be used to manipulate time, either speeding up time, repeating time, or even stopping time.

The ability is also owned by Diggie. Although no time stone, but Diggie is the only Mobile Legends hero who can manipulate the time.

Bruno - Winter Soldier

Bruno deserves a member of Avengers Mobile Mobile version replaces Winter Soldier is because he is also a cyborg figure. As a teenager, Bruno must accept bitter reality if his legs have to be amputated.

Fortunate thanks to the help of Euriditio scientist, Bruno has a pair of robotic legs that helped him to protect the city.

Clint - Star Lord

These two characters have been caught where the placement is. Yup, they are very clever double pistol users.

However Clint is identical to his cowboy hat, while the Lord's Stor is identical to the old songs.

Lolita - Thor

The Avengers Mobile Legend final version is Lolita. Yes, surely you already know where the equation of two characters is.

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