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Saturday, April 21, 2018

How To Counter Johnson Mobile Legends, Avoid So Victims Hit Run!

Johnson has come back with different skills after getting rework. Just like Akai, Johnson is also growing stronger because of his more supportive skills. But you do not need to be afraid when fighting. Here is a Johnson Mobile Legends counter that can stop the action hitnya run.

Before or after getting rework, Johnson is famous for his hit-and-run action that could kill his opponent. Players who are already pro in using Johnson can even surround the map without hitting anything while looking for a victim that can be hit.

But this will be more easily avoided if you are aware of his presence from scratch. The first way to avoid it is to always check the map, notice the movement of Johnson, whether he moves very fast or not. If his movement is not normal, then he is turning into a car.

You can lure him by bringing yourself to a rock or something, so that will stop his speed. Once he is near and heading towards you, immediately avoid. If you think you have not gotten around to avoiding it, use Flicker.

Another way is to wait near the turret. Johnson who sees his opponent standing in front of the turret will doubtlessly bump into him. He would prefer to pass it by, from being fooled by the opponent and finally just crashing into the turret and getting hit from it.

You need to know that the average Johnson user will use his ultimate skill shortly after returning to the base. Or also when his friend has difficulty facing the opponent and looks like asking for help. That's when you have to observe the movement of Johnson and do as mentioned.

That way no more hit-and-run victims caused by this Johnson's behavior. Hopefully these tips can help when you are dealing with Johnson later, especially in Match.

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