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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

It How To Get Diamond Mobile Legends Without Spending Money

Like most free games, Mobile Legends has its own currency or in-game currency called Diamond.

Diamond can be used in many ways such as skincare, lucky spin opportunity, buy hero, or get other rare items. The most important way to get a diamond is to buy it directly using money because it is one source of income Moonton from Mobile Legends.

So rarely do you get a free Mobile Legends diamond through daily login, mission, or other. Although there is still something you can do to get it for free and legal, but certainly will not be easy just like that.

If you do have a determination round, here's how to get free diamond Mobile Legends without spending any money.


Streaming seems to be one of the most popular ways to collect multiple Mobile Legends diamonds without paying. Some of you may not know that Mobile Legends actually has its own live streaming feature that is directly in the game.

That is because to open this feature you are required to reach the Master level first. The reason may be that the streaming columns are not filled by new players who can be said to be "unclear" and not interesting to watch. Nothing wrong as well because to be able to be free diamond you have to have a cool play skills, why?

The diamond you get is a gift from the audience if they like your live stream. So surely you have to play interesting or good to increase the chance of your audience giving gift in amount not less.

There are several prizes you can get from viewers, namely Flower (2 Diamond), Jewelry (6 Diamond), Roadster (250 Diamond), Yacht (1000 Diamond), and Airplane (5000 Diamond).

Contribute to community

Another thing you can do is to make a contribution to the Mobile Legends community: Bang Bang. One of them being the forum moderator to organize the discussions to stay on topics as well as other activities.

Well later the moderator or contributor will be given a diamond in return or it can be said "salary" from Moontoon. Once linked with your Mobile Legends account, then afterwards can be used to buy different in-game items.

To be a moderator, you must apply yourself and wait for what is appropriate to what you are looking for. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions that apply first.


Moontoon often holds tournaments or matches to find out which team is best. The number of diamond prizes awarded is quite a lot, but of course it will not be easy to win a tournament that is followed by a variety of reliable players.

In a tournament you can usually follow alone or with your squad. Fortunately you do not have to be the main champion to be able to get the prize. Total diamonds that winners can win up to 50,000 Diamonds while the other smallest rank can earn 10,000.

Also Of course you will also gain recognition as a player who is quite proficient and test your ability to compete against other players. Therefore it is not wrong you always follow the tournament held if you feel you can beat other teams.


Not infrequently players or Youtuber Mobile Legends hold giveaway or gift-sharing for the popularization of a thing. Usually you will be asked to comment, follow, subscribe, or other matters related to social media so that all can certainly follow the giveaway event.

The possibility of winning is quite small because there will be many other players who follow. But it does not hurt you are not just a variety and hope to get a diamond gift without the hassle of it?

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