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Sunday, May 20, 2018

4 Heroes That Can 1 Shoot 1 Kill in Mobile Legends Game


Every hero in Mobile Legends has different damage. The amount of damage generated is usually differentiated by the role. For example, heroes who have role Assassins and Mage have considerable damage compared to heroes who have other roles.

But you know not! There is a hero who can kill enemies with just one ultimate? Here's a hero that can kill the enemy with just one ulti with ease.

1. Eudora


Eudora itself has a Mage role. When all items are finished, this hero can inflict enormous damage to the enemy. Even heroes who have weak defenses such as Marksman, Eudora can kill only with one ulti. But now Eudora is rarely used by the players, because it has less mobility compared with other Mage hero.

2. Aurora


The next Mage Mage that can kill enemies only once is the Aurora. This hero is a very useful hero. Because not only have great damage and also Aurora can stun enemy. If the Aurora Magic item is finished then the enemy will immediately die if Aurora uses ultimate. Just like Eudora, Aurora is also rarely picked by the player because it has a little mobility. So if you want to use this hero, you must use Flicker spell in order to easily escape from enemy attack.

3. Hayabusa


The next Hero comes from Role Assassins ie Hayabusa. When already in Late Game, this hero can scare the enemy. Because with one ulti alone, Hayabusa can kill 1 enemy easily. Note that there are no other enemies around Hayabusa when ulti and hero can be killed instantly by Hayabusa type Marksman or Mage.

4. Lancelot


The latest Hero has Role Assassins is Lancelot. This Hero is one of the Over power heroes in Mobile Legends. Because in addition to having a fairly large damage, this hero has a skill that makes Lancelot agile, making it difficult for the enemy to catch Lancelot.

Lancelot's ultimate skills can easily kill enemies. However Lancelot is rarely used because the hero is often in-BAN.

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