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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

5 Advantages of Playing Solo Rank in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends players definitely know what a solo rank is, right? Solo rank is where you play alone without the help of a friend or squad in a match. Play solo rank is a lot of risk, especially if you get a team that play noob. But, you do not be afraid to play solo rank, because playing solo rank turns out a lot of profits too!

Well, here are the advantages of playing solo rank in Mobile Legends?

5 Benefits of Playing Solo Rank in Mobile Legends

1. Unencumbered

If you play with a friend or squad, you will feel a mental burden where you are afraid of playing badly. This definitely makes you burdened and ultimately less than the maximum in the play. Also when your solo rank will be more free to play anytime and anywhere. No need to wait for your friends who hard to push push rank.

2. Have a New Friend

When your solo rank will play with people you do not know. Well, here you can benefit by adding people you do not know to your friendship. You can add people who think you have good skills and not noob players.

3. Know More Game Methods

By playing solo rank, you can meet new teams. Your playing experience with many new teams is certainly very valuable. You can gain knowledge about new game methods, how to counter enemy heroes and strategies you can use to get stars. If you are too dependent on the same team continuously, you also tend to continue to find the same game method so you will most likely have difficulty when in a higher rank than before.

4. Testing Hero Capabilities

Play solo rank, you will be more free to choose the hero you want. Your personal skills in using heroes will also be trained. In addition, you can also test which heroes are better suited to your style of play. By mastering various heroes, you will certainly be more flexible in choosing heroes and can anticipate to counter the heroes of your enemies. Being flexible and unselfish in pick hero is one of the keys to victory.

5. Coaching Patience

When the solo rank, you do not always meet the same team a good and compact team. Sometimes there are selfish, afk, even noob. The more often you meet the same people, the more you are good at controlling your emotions and your level of patience will surely increase.

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