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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

5 Best Hero Crowd Control in Mobile Legends

Hero-hero in the Mobile Legends game has different abilities. For example Poke, Charge, Brust Damage, Initiator, Crowd Control and others. And this time we will discuss the ability of Crowd Control.

Usually a hero who has the ability Crowd Control duty to disrupt the crowd by giving a slow effect or stun to the opponent. Do you want to know which heroes have the best Crowd Control ability? Well, here are 5 Best Hero Crowd Control In Mobile Legends.

5 Best Hero Crowd Control in Mobile Legends

1. Digger

One of the Support heroes that have the ability Crowd Control is Digger. This hero has skill 1 that makes the enemy will disperse. Skill is Digger will throw a clock that will explode to the enemy, if the enemy is in the area for 2 seconds then the enemy will stun. But, if under 2 seconds has exploded, then the enemy only accept the slow course.

2. Akai

Who does not get annoyed when Akai uses ultimate? If Akai has issued the ulti, then the enemy will automatically disband to avoid the ulti. Because while using ulti, Akai will spin like a tornado and cause a Knockback effect to all enemies that collide with Akai. So that not to get stuck in the ulti, the solution is the enemy must be disbanded at the time of the crowd.

3. Tigreal

Hero Tank that has the ability Crowd Control is Tigreal. This hero has the ultimate skill that sucks surrounding enemies and if the enemy is sucked, then the enemy will receive stun effect. This hero also has a slow skill and also a blink skill that can bring the enemy in the direction specified. If all the skills are in use, then the enemy will be helpless when facing Tigreal.

4. Gatot Kaca

The next Hero is Gatot Kaca. Hero Tank is inspired by the puppet character Gatot Kaca. This hero can make the enemy blurred at the time of war. How not, because this hero has the ultimate skill at which Gatot Kaca uses ulti. This hero will jump to the destination area and if there is an enemy in that area. Then the enemy's movement speed will slow down and receive a stun effect for 1 second.

5. Johnson

The last Hero that has the ability Crowd Control is Johnson. If at the time of war and do not see any Johnson then you must be vigilant. Because Johnson could hit you all of a sudden. The ultimate skill of Johnson is that this hero will turn into a car. When it became a car, Johnson would walk wherever Johnson wanted. So be careful if you meet this hero, who knows Johnson will hit you.

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