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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

5 Cheap Hero But Deadly in Mobile Legends


Something cheap sometimes disappoints, so also in Mobile Legends, deadly heroes must have a high price.

However, it turns out there are also great heroes in Mobile Legends who have cheap prices. Curious about any hero? Here 5 Cheap But Deadly Hero in Mobile Legends!

1. Eudora (2000 BP)


All players must know this cheap hero mage! Because Eudora is known to have a deadly attack, with all the skills possessed by Eudora, capable of delivering great magic damage and causing damage to the enemy. Eudora has a passive superconductor skill that serves to strengthen the effects of other skills and if you are already proficient using Eudora you can combine all three skills into more deadly, and passive skills that will add to the damage of the attack.

2. Saber (6500 BP)


This hero has a very cheap price among other hero assassin, although cheap but quite deadly if you are good at using Saber. Saber is a fairly balanced hero for every battle because it can fight from a distance or near, and the ability to approach the enemy quickly greatly benefit you. This Hero can also be obtained from bonus logs for 1 week without having to buy.

3. Rafaela (6500 BP)


Rafaela becomes very useful when it comes to support because the skill is very helpful to your team when doing push lane, Rafaela is very important role to give healing hp to the team during the attack and when using this hero make sure you are always with a team friend who acts as a damage dealer, because your role is very important for them as healer and profitable during battle.

4. Balmond (6500 BP)


All players of course know that this one is often relied upon to do push lane because Balmond can inflict as much damage as a class fighter hero and also has a hp like a tank that makes him unafraid when facing enemies and is often used when ranked. You can buy Balmond only by paying 6500 Battle Points.

5. Miya (10,800 BP)


The cheapest Hero this one must often you use because Miya is a Marksman who can strike from a distance but do great damage, so easy for you to avoid the opponent attack. You can escape with Turbo Stealth skills that will add movement speed and be immune from attack for 1.5 seconds. Even so, Miya has a fairly thin hp and is advised to keep the distance from the enemy and always accompanied by friends.

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