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Friday, May 11, 2018

5 Hero Counter Fanny di Mobile Legends

Fanny is a very agile Assassin hero and is very difficult to beat with the skill of the cable being heard. With this skill, the hero can move very fast and fast. Not only that, this hero skill combos will also have very high damage against the enemy.

Well, but calm aja, this time we will discuss 5 Counter Hero Fanny in Mobile Legends.

1. Moskov

Hero Marksman is very suitable to counter against Fanny. With skill 2 that will give knock knock back effect, then Fanny will be silent. Although difficult, but if you work in the video, then you can give a knock back effect to be banged down. Fanny will not be able to move.

2. Franco

Franco is a Tank hero who can do hook against his enemy. In addition, this hero can also do stun by using Ultimate skills that will make this hero beat his enemy with a hammer. It would be very effective if Ultimate Franco skill can be used when Fanny is using cable skills.

3. Nana

Nana is a Support hero who can curse his enemy into a cute cat by using skill 2. If we can use Nana then we can do the curse against Fanny. Fanny will not be able to move very swiftly because of the key of this hero.

4. Saber

Hero Assassin is indeed very suitable to counter the very agile hero like Fanny. With Ultimate skills, the enemy will be lifted up and will cause high damage. Breakthroughs will be quicker to die. However, high concentrations are required to perform the Fanny key.

5. Akai

Akai is a Tank hero that can play thanks to Ultimate skill. With this skill, you can do a round against Fanny for clipping down. Fanny can not issue cable skills.

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