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Thursday, May 24, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends Most Dangerous on Top Lane


For you who like to play MOBA games like Mobile Legends must know that there are several paths in the area of ​​the game, the Top Lane, Middle Lane, and Bottom Lane. Each lane can be filled by any hero. But some heroes can be very dangerous on certain lanes. Examples like Miya are very dangerous in Middle Lane and Harley at Bottom Lane. Then, what about Top Lane? Well, the suitable heroes placed in the Top Lane are hero tankers, but can be filled by other heroes like marksman, assassin, up to fighter if the enemy starts entering this lane.

However, which hero is the most dangerous in the Top Lane? Well, here are 5 Hero Mobile Legends Most Dangerous on Top Lane.

1. Alucard


Who still doubts the ability of this one fighter hero? Alucard is a hero that has a high Lifesteal as well as a large attack speed. Alucard Skill is very deadly, has a good enough survival ability to make Alucard fit placed in all lane, including Top Lane. Great ability and damage make Alucard kill enemies quickly.

2. Tigreal


Tigreal is a tanker hero that is no doubt. This hero has a very good defense so it becomes a hero that is hard to beat. Putting the Tigreal on the Top Lane is perfect to withstand the invading enemy. In addition to having excellent defense, Tigreal is also capable of attacking the enemy back. Especially if supported with the right items, Tigreal will become a tough hero to eradicate the enemies on the Top Lane and allow the team to focus on attacking.

3. Layla


Marksman this one is suitable placed anywhere. One of Layla's advantages is being able to generate high damage and kill many enemies with deadly shots. In addition, Layla is also a fairly fast hero in destroying the tower so it can fill the Top Lane and focus on destroying the tower at the beginning of the game. When the enemy enters the Top Lane area, Layla is also able to make the enemy overwhelmed with deadly shots.

4. Balmond


Serve as a tanker, Balmond has a very strong defense and able to keep the Top Lane well. This one Hero can even be placed alone on the Top Lane, while other heroes focus on attacking. Not only can survive, Balmond can also be a great fighter. Balmond has a very dangerous attack capable of inflicting enormous damage on the enemy. Skill attacks while spinning enough to drive and hurt the enemy.

5. Hilda


Hilda is a hero who has a strong defense. Hilda's unique passive skill can recharge HP just by standing in the bushes. This one tanker is perfectly placed in Top Lane. Defeating Hilda is not an easy thing especially if already in the bushes then the enemy will choose to retreat and stay away.

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