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Friday, May 18, 2018

5 Hero Mobile Legends That Have the Most Unreasonable Damage!


In a game there must be a very overpower character. This also applies to Mobile Legends. Although Mobile Legends has many heroes to choose from, there are still heroes who have unreasonable damage and make the game go awry.

It should be the game developers begin to understand the complaints of the players. Heroes that are overpowered and have unreasonable damage can make the game unbalanced. You should avoid some of these heroes if you do not want the team to lose because the game is not balanced. Here are 5 Hero With No Sense Damage In Mobile Legends.

1. Gusion


Gusion is a hero whose level of difficulty is very high, therefore not many people who can take advantage of this hero skills with the maximum. This hero has unreasonable damage. With Gusion skill, you can kill enemies quickly even in the enemy tower.

2. Lancelot


From the beginning of the emergence of this hero to season 8, Lancelot remains one of the heroes who have unreasonable damage. This hero has always been a banned subscription on the epic tier to mythic. Even many pro players who avoid this hero by bending Lancelot.

3. Kagura


One of the mage that has irrational damage is Kagura. This hero becomes a frightening specter in every game. In fact, kagura skills often experience severe bugs that are very detrimental to the enemy. Of course kagura also become a banned subscription in draft pick mode.

4. Vexana


With the latest game updates, Vexana transforms into a hero with unreasonable damage. Of course this is good news for Vexana users who in the previous season became one of the rarely used heroes. The vexana-released damages are huge for the hero mage role.

Vexana is also capable of evoking heroes anywhere. So it will be more troublesome because the resurrected hero is also quite difficult to kill.

5. Martis


The new Hero that became a prima donna in this season 8, namely Martis. Martis transformed into a frighter frightening for all heroes, this is because martis can stop the ulti skill of most heroes. In addition, the martis has unreasonable damage. Martis is also often a banned in draft pick mode.

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